Best Free Screen Recorders for Mac and Windows Without Watermarks

Screen recorders are increasingly becoming important in the modern-day scheme of things as we are increasingly reliant on them for our day-to-day activities. A lot of users use screen recorders for various purposes be it recording a meeting, reviewing a piece of work done by a colleague, recording favorite live streams, and much more. A lot of features have been incorporated with modern-day screen recorders but one important feature that users look at and expect in a screen recorder is to record without watermarks even in a free plan. In this blog, we look at the best free screen recorders for Mac and Windows in 2021 based on their performance and ability.

Best Free Screen Recorders for Mac and Windows in 2021 without watermark

  1. Vmaker
  2. QuickTime Player
  3. Loom
  4. OBS Studio
  5. Gamebar for windows10
  6. ScreenRec
  7. TinyTake
  8. Screencastify
  9. Apowersoft
  10. Screencast-O-Matic


Vmaker unlimited watermark free screen recorders

Vmaker is the latest screen recorder and video communication tool from Animaker Inc. Since its launch Vmaker is quickly becoming one of the favorite screen recorders in the market for its ease of use and extremely user-friendly plans.

Users can screen record videos on the device of their choice without any restrictions in the recording limit even in the free plan. Not just that it is a modern screen recorder that has a strict no watermark policy that enables users in the free plan as well to record videos and share/export them freely without any watermarks.

Users can choose from the three different video recording options and choose to record the entire screen, tab, or a part of the screen. Once the recording is completed by the user the videos are uploaded to the cloud immediately. The user could then share it with anyone just by copying the link. Free users can also edit the video through the video editor, share it on any of the social media platforms directly. The videos are also available to download in MP4 version which can be universally accessed on any device.

Features in the Vmaker free plan that makes it the best free screen recorder in 2021

  • Unlimited number of recording
  • No watermarks
  • Mic and system audio
  • Multiple recording options
  • Videos uploaded on cloud within seconds
  • No ADs on the video player page
  • Share the video through a link with anyone
  • Social sharing options
  • Video view analytics
  • Built-in video editor for editing videos

Available versions: Chrome plugin, Mac, Ios app.

Coming soon: Windows, Android App.

Vmaker offers a whole lot of features in the free plan and enables users to record without any restrictions are watermarks making it the best screen recorder for recording videos without watermarks.

Apple Quick Time Player

Quick-time player is the native screen recorder that's available on all Mac devices. Quick-time player is easy to access. Anyone can start recording with a keyboard shortcut. The quick-time player allows unlimited watermark-free recording. If you're looking to casually record videos then quick time player is the ideal solution. As it doesn't need any sign-ups, downloads, or anything. You can start recording almost instantly.

However, if you're looking for a screen recorder for regular usage then Quick time player might not be the ideal one. Quick time player comes with a lot of limitations, the user cannot record system audio, there isn't an option to add a webcam to the screen recording, the recording files are saved locally which means the more you record the heavier the video files will be causing space constrains, lastly the videos are saved in .mov format and you might need to convert it before sharing the video.

Quick time player features:

  • Unlimited recording duration
  • Watermark free recording


Loom is one of the most popular if not the popular screen recorder in the market. Users love using loom for its flexibility and ease of use. Loom supports Mac, Windows, Chrome plugin, and Ios currently. The multiple versions of the app make it easier for users to have a single account yet record videos across devices.

Loom just like Vmaker doesn't add a watermark to the recording even in the free version. Users can record audio, microphone from three different recording modes and do much more.

However, the free plan restricts the user to a video duration of just 5 minutes. If you have to record more than five minutes you'll need to upgrade your account to a paid plan.


  • No watermarks
  • Screenshots
  • Mic and system audio
  • Multiple recording options
  • Videos uploaded on the cloud
  • Share videos through share link
  • Social sharing options

Available versions: Chrome plugin, Mac, Windows, Ios app.

If recording duration of more than five minutes is a requirement for you then Loom could be of good use to you.

Here's a comparison between Loom and Vmaker

OBS Studio

OBS Studio watermark free screen recorders

Open broadcast software is an open-source screen recording and live streaming solution which is quite popular amongst gamers and streamers. Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook are all premium sponsors of OBS which says it all about its popularity.

OBS is available in Windows(PC), Mac, and Linux and offers unlimited recording and live streaming options for free. Users can mix different screens and audio sources, record videos without any watermarks. OBS also comes with an editor that is quite extensive which enables you to edit all your recordings with ease.

Although OBS is an open-source software and completely free. It is very complex and requires a lot of time to get used to the setting and controls. There is a huge learning curve and it could be overwhelming for new users to use OBS.


  • No watermarks
  • Unlimited recording duration
  • Mic and system audio
  • Multiple recording options
  • Videos uploaded on the cloud
  • Share video through link
  • Social sharing options

Available versions: Mac, Windows(PC), Linux

If you're a gamer or streamer then OBS is definitely the ideal solution. However, if you're looking to record watermark-free videos for regular usage there are a lot of alternatives that lets you record videos easily.

Gamebar for windows 10

Just like Quick time player for Mac. Windows(PC) has a built-in screen recorder feature called Gamebar that allows users to screen record videos for free without any watermarks. Although the name suggests gamebar it can be used to record anything on the windows screen.

Windows users don't have to download anything separately to record videos as the game bar is pre-installed. But the game bar comes with certain limitations, it is available only with Windows OS 10 and above. Also, users will not be able to record the entire screen as the recorder focuses on one app only. There is also four hours screen recording limit with gamebar, but that limit is quite high and not a lot will record beyond four hours.

Once again game bar can be used if you're looking at light usage but if you're looking at a screen recorder for regular usage then you need to look at some of the alternatives listed above in this listicle.


ScreenRec watermark free screen recorders

Screen Rec is another screen recorder that allows watermark-free screen recording videos. It supports Windows(PC) and Linux OS. The Linux OS is one of its USPs as there aren't many screen recorders in the market. At the moment ScreenRec is not available for Mac and also there isn't a chrome plugin version. There isn't a recording limit, users can record for as long as they want without any limit or watermarks. The videos are also available to download in the MP4 version.

The videos are available on the cloud instantly and can be shared with anyone almost instantly. However, the problem when it comes to cloud access is that there is a space limit of just 2GB in the free plan. You'll have to either delete videos or upgrade your account to keep recording videos and upload them to the cloud.


  • Unlimited watermark-free recording
  • No recording limit
  • Cloud storage of 2GB
  • One-click screen capture

Available versions: Windows(PC) and Linux

If you're looking to record small videos without watermarks for free then ScreenRec could be an ideal solution. You might however need to upgrade to a paid plan. You'll also have to keep in mind that it isn't available in Mac or as a chrome plugin.


TinyTake watermark free screen recorders

Tiny take is a screen recording software from Mango Apps. Tinytake has both free and paid versions. Tiny take can be used to record videos up to a clarify of 1080P on both Mac and Windows(PC). TinyTake screen recorder is known for its screen annotation feature that allows users to add creativity to their screen recording.

Coming to the most important part where TinyTake fairs poorly. There's a maximum recording limit of just five minutes just like Loom which is a huge drawback if you're looking to record more than five minutes. There is also just 2GB of cloud storage which is very less and can store only a few videos.


  • Cloud storage
  • Direct Youtube upload
  • Screen annotation
  • High resolution recording

Available versions: Windows, Mac


Screencastify watermark free screen recorders

Screencastify is a popular screencasting/screen recording software amongst educators and students. It has educator-specific features including google classroom and drives integration. The tool is easily available as a chrome plugin so users don't really have to download any native app for recording and can record on any device of their choice. The videos are immediately added to google drive without any watermarks.

Like Loom and Tinytake, Screencastify also disappoints users with a five-minute recording limit and also does not have any editing features in the free plan making it a not-so-great option to consider.


  • Watermark free recording
  • Direct google drive integration
  • Trim videos
  • Youtube integration

Available Version: Chrome plugin only

Here's a comparison between Vmaker and Screencastify

Apowersoft screen recorder

Apowersoft watermark free screen recorders

Apowersoft has two recorders one is a native app that comes with a pro version and has watermarks and a recording limit. We are going to look at the other screen recorder offering from Apowersoft which is a free online screen recorder.

It is highly versatile and is available on ios and Android mobiles as well. The recorder is available to record anything online after downloading the plugin from their website. You can either save the recording locally or upload it to cloud storage for which you need to signup.

The recordings are available in various output formats including MP4, GIF, AVI, and more. The recorder is completely free and doesn't come with any watermarks or has any recording limit in the free plan.

The only drawback about the recorder is that it's completely online and for some reason not listed on the chrome store. You need to download a small file before going on to record online. For this reason, we have ranked Apowersoft's free screen recorder lower.


Screencastomatic watermark free screen recorders

Screencastomatic is another screen recorder that has been in the market for quite some time and is a known name in the screen recording arena. This is another online screen recorder that allows watermark-free screen recording. Users have to install the installer once to start recording videos. Screncastomatic is available for Windows(PC), Mac, Ios, and Chromebook making it highly versatile.

There is a 15-minute recording limit and the free plan does not come with the ability to capture system audio which makes us rank Screencastomatic lower. Also, there isn't a built-in editor which allows you to edit your screen recording in the free version.


  • Multiple recording modes
  • No watermark free recording
  • Social sharing and uploading
  • Folders
  • Video embeds

Available versions: Mac, Windows(PC), Ios, Android, Chromebook.

We hope that list of best free screen recorders without a watermark would have helped you decide the best one for you based on your need. Do let us know any other screen recorder which we had missed in the comments below and we will add the same to the list.

Here's a detailed comparison between Vmaker and Screencastomatic

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