Just launched: Blur tool to hide confidential information now available for Vmaker Chrome plug-in

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Create videos for different content

Product Training Videos

Product Training Videos

Educate your employees about your product/service by creating quick & engaging training videos

Employee Onboarding Videos

Employee Onboarding Videos

Welcome your new hires with detailed employee onboarding videos. It takes a few minutes to create these videos but helps your employees to bond well from day one!

Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

Create instructional or educational videos and help your team understand a specific function or topic extensively.

Employer branding videos

Employer branding videos

Sending company-wide emails is so in the past. Send personalized video emails and level up the corporate communication in your organization.

Customer Onboarding Videos

Customer Onboarding Videos

Create onboarding videos to help your customers understand how to navigate through your product, use the right features based on their requirements, and so much more.

Leadership Training videos

Leadership Training videos

Develop leadership training videos to help current Managers or Managers-to-be hone their leadership and management skills. This training helps you build an employee-centric workspace.

Learning Videos

Learning Videos

Invest in learning videos that enable your team to expand their horizons. Upskilling is crucial for their individual growth. So, take the initiative!

SoftSkills Training

SoftSkills Training

Build a value-centric work culture in your organization by offering soft skills training through short and interactive videos.

Policy/compliance training

Policy/compliance training

Instead of sending a 35-page-long PDF about new policy updates, create policy training videos on Vmaker. Short, crisp, and to-the-point videos always do the job

Why choose Vmaker as your screen recorder?

  • Unlimited Videos

    Unlimited Videos

    There’s no limit to the number of videos you can create using Vmaker. Just launch Vmaker and start recording your screen, webcam, or both as many times as you want!

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Screen Annotations

    Screen Annotations

    With Vmaker, you can annotate on the screen as you’re recording it. This helps you emphasize specific important parts of your video content and grab the attention of the audience.

  • Screen Annotations
  • AI Virtual Background

    Customize Backgrounds

    Why settle for curtain drops or plant decors while you can add virtual backgrounds on Vmaker? From the Bahamas to an office desk, we got them all!

  • Customize Backgrounds
  • Custom Cname

    Custom Cname

    Now, you can add a custom Cname to your videos and stand on top of your audience’s minds with your own branding elements.

  • Custom Cname
  • Auto-generated CC

    Auto-generated CC

    Do not worry about transcribing your videos and adding texts for your employees/audience who prefer to watch videos on mute. Vmaker auto-generated captions in seconds!

  • Auto-generated CC
  • Blur Tool

    Easy Real-Time Collaboration

    Use our blur tool to hide all your personal information on your screen. The best part - you can do it as and when you're recording it!

  • Easy Real-Time Collaboration
  • Easy Real-Time Collaboration

    Character Builder and animation

    One or more people from your team can edit the videos on Vmaker at the same time to achieve the desired quality. Real-time collaboration saves a lot of time by actually editing the videos and not just planning them.

  • Easy Real-Time Collaboration

A Complete Video Making Suite

Now Integrate with Animaker and GetShow to add animation and interactivity to your videos.

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Screen recorder

Screen recorder

Best-in-class features, value for money, and compatibility makes Vmaker the best tool for making screen videos for your content

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Webcam recorder

Webcam Recorder

Record a video message for someone. Or a video resume for a job application. Vmaker webcam recorder has a simple layout that anyone can get started within a few seconds

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Video maker

Gameplay Recorder

Record gameplay on your PC in 4K HD quality. Capture audio, and webcam with zero lag or interruptions

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Video editor

Video Editor

Trim, Merge, Crop, Resize, and add audio to your videos using our in-built video editor without juggling between multiple tools

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Not us, But the Internet says so

"User Friendly and Does a Phenomenal Job capturing everything you need"

The quality of the output once you finish recording is top-notch. Very intuitive and made it a breeze for me to do quick videos for clients and was easy to share to them across multiple mediums.

Edna H.
Managing Partner

"Need to record? Vmaker is the tool!"

I like the possibility of saving the screen and also having video of myself explaining. I love to share my browser and show what I'm doing to my clients. It's great versus other similar apps, the chrome extension works wonderfully!

Santiago R.
Docente administración de empresas

"More intuitive to use than Loom and VidYard, plus has virtual background, More reliable than vidyard"

Good UI. Virtual backgrounds are great, editor is very easy to use. Seems to be very reliable so far (some of the other online tools glitch out and fail)

Yishai R.
Founder, Brand Manager

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