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How to Record a Video on Zoom and Share it
record zoom meetings

Recording Zoom meetings is tough if you’re a participant. If you want to record the meeting using Zoom, and if you’re not the host, then you have to get their permission first. This is alright in certain situations, but for things like daily stand-up calls, and personal meetings, it might come across as odd. But, […]


Screen Recorder Chrome Extension – A Complete Guide
screen recorder chrome extension

We are glad to announce to the world the launch of the Vmaker chrome extension. Users can now record videos from the world’s most popular browser, chrome for free with limited distractions.


How to use an iPhone as a webcam on a Mac – macOS Ventura
Tanoy Chowdhury

- October 25, 2022

how to use an iphone as a webcam

The macOS Ventura is only a few days away from the launch. macOS Venture is the latest version of Mac that has been creating a lot of buzz ever since it was announced in the WWDC keynote speech this year. If you’re a regular Mac user, we’re sure you must have some questions about the […]