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How to record and create a video presentation in minutes?

  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker

  • 2

    Record your slides with webcam and voiceover

  • 3

    Add screen annotations to your video

  • 4

    Edit and share your video with ease

Everything You Need to Create a Professional Looking Presentation Video

  • Record screen and webcam

    Create video presentation with screen and webcam

    You can create your video presentations by recording just your screen or screen and webcam along with narration. You can add camera filters, virtual backgrounds, name tags, and customize your videos according to needs.

  • Create video presentation with screen and webcam
  • Add screen annotations to keep your audience engaged

    Add screen annotation to your presentation

    While recording your presentation slides you can make use of our screen annotation features such as drawing tools and mouse clicks highlights that allow you to highlight the important details on your screen. This will help your viewers glued to their screen.

  • Add screen annotation to your presentation
  • Edit your videos to give a professional touch

    Edit your videos presentation

    Vmaker comes with a free built in video editor that allows you to give a professional touch to your videos with ease. You will be able to trim, crop, cut, rotate, flip, add scenes, and do more without any prior knowledge of editing.

  • Edit your videos presentation
  • Record your videos in the highest clarity

    Record your presentation in the highest clarity

    Never miss out on details in your videos. With Vmaker, you can record your video presentations at the highest clarity of 4K HD resolution. Your videos will be noise-free and will have better picture clarity.

  • Record your presentation in the highest clarity
  • Share your videos with ease

    Share your presentation with ease

    All your videos will be automatically stored to your private cloud making it easier for you to share and access your videos with ease. All you have to do is copy and share your video link.

    You can also track how many people have viewed your video on your analytics dashboard.

  • Share your presentation with ease

Vmaker’s free video presentation maker works best on your PC

Additional features to create video presentations

Add music to your presentation


Add background music to your presentation



Add transitions to your video



Create separate scenes to tell a story



Add subtitles for better comprehension

4K render

4K render

Export your video with the highest clarity

Upload videos

Upload videos

Upload and external videos to your storyline

What is a video presentation?

  • A video presentation is a video that is made out of recording presentation slides along with narration, music, subtitles, and other screen annotations.
  • One of the most significant advantages of video presentation over traditional presentations is that it is more engaging and humanized.
  • To create a video presentation you can use a Google Slides presentation, PowerPoint presentation or any other presentation software available.
  • With Vmaker’s video presentation maker you create video presentations, edit, and share them with ease.

Tips to make presentation videos

  • Keep it short

    Keep it short

    You're more likely to hold the attention of your viewers if your video presentation doesn't go on for hours. Make sure you convey your ideas to your viewers in a clear fashion in a short time. To keep a check on your video length, focus on the number of slides, pauses you take while talking, your talking speed, and the amount of subject you cover. If the subject to be covered is too large, then break it into smaller presentation videos.

  • Keep it short
  • Don’t worry about the mistakes

    Don’t worry about the mistakes

    It’s natural to make mistakes while recording. If you make any mistakes just stay on the same slide and keep recording since you can always edit your video after recording. To reduce mistakes, prepare a plan prior to recording. Plan on all the details from start to end of your video. Plan on things like the points that you will talk about in detail, the right words you would use, the transitions you will make, and other details that will help you while recording.

  • Don’t worry about the mistakes
  • Use Screen Annotations

    Use Screen Annotations

    In a video presentation you will be showing your slides and talking to your audience, and it’s very likely that without any activity or highlights on the screen, your audience may not follow along. By using a drawing tool to highlight the important points on your slides you can keep your audience engaged with your video. Also, there is one more added benefit, you don’t have to sit and manually highlight the points in your presentation.

  • Use Screen Annotations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow these steps to record your video:

  • Download and install Vmaker’s video presentation software on your device.
  • Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Start presenting the deck in "Presenter view".
  • Start Vmaker and if you want your audience to hear and see you, choose Screen + Webcam mode.
  • Select full screen recording and click the 'Start Recording' button to record powerpoint presentation as video.
  • To end the recording click the red button on the side of your screen.
  • Once after recording, you can view, edit, and share your recording online.

Vmaker supports Mac, Windows, and Chromebook devices. For Windows and Chromebook devices you will have to install our Chrome web browser extension.

Follow these steps to record your Google slide presentation:

  • Download and install Vmaker’s free video presentation maker on your Mac
  • Open your slide deck in Google Slides
  • Run Vmaker on your system and click "Start Recording"
  • With screen annotations highlight the important details
  • To end the recording click the red button on the side of your screen
  • Once after recording, you can view, edit, and share your recording online