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Vmaker powers you to create highly engaging videos
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Vmaker features

Recording videos is now a piece of cakewalk!

Add life and creativity to your screen recordings

Screen annotation

Annotate on your
screen while recording

Annotate on your screen
as you record to make your
videos engaging.

Webcam recorder with custom background

Customize background
and record from anywhere

Choose a custom background and
dimensions of your webcam to
personalize your recordings further.

Screen Blur Out

Hide or blur a part of your
recording window

Blur a part of the screen that
you’re recording ensuring that you
only share whatever that’s needed.

Mouse Emphasis

Emphasis your on-screen
clicks while recording

Keep viewers focused using mouse
emphasis that enables viewers to closely
follow what you’re doing on screen.

Personal assistant to automate
the video recording process

Schedule your
screen recording

Now you can schedule your recording
on Vmaker and our scheduling assistant,
Max will do the recording for you!

Recording scheduler
Auto delete videos

Set your videos to
delete automatically

Add expiry to the videos that you create and let
them auto-delete after the specified period.

Block notifications
whilst you record

Do not let system or app notifications
bother you during recordings.

Do not disturb recording mode

Share recordings and collaborate
over shared workspace

Recording workspace

One common
workspace for
easy collaboration

Recorded videos are made available on
your workspace instantly making it easier
for teammates to easily check out!

Folders to keep your
recordings organized

Create multiple folders and categorize your
recordings for quick and easy access.

Workspace teammates

Add & Remove
teammates to your

Get your team members to your workspace
and stay connected over a single workspace.

Post-production made easier with an
in-built video editor on Vmaker

Edit your recording

A host of editing features on Vmaker that lets you
trim, crop, rotate, flip, and resize as you wish.

Edit recording
Share recording

Sharing made easy

Share your recordings with anyone on the
internet on just a single click.

Track and analyze
video performance

Check how many views your recordings have
got and who has been viewing your recordings.

Track & analyse recording
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