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Features custom made for creating Youtube videos making your job even easier!

Unlimited recording

Record Youtube videos for free without any restrictions on the recording duration or the number of videos.

Multiple recording modes

Shuffle between Screen, Webcam, or both with ease.

4K Recording

Record Youtube videos at the highest quality.

Hide sensitive information

Blur out a certain section of your screen and record only what you intend.

Webcam overlay

Choose virtual background and dimensions of your webcam display and move the webcam overlay across the screen as you wish.

Add audio to your recording

Add audio to your videos by choosing between microphones, system audio, or both.

Mouse Emphasis

Highlight mouse clicks while you record to create engaging Youtube videos.

Screen Annotation

Draw on your screen while you record to make your Youtube videos engaging.

Video Editing Tools

Edit your Youtube recordings instantly with our powerful editing tools.

Vmaker is available on all your
favourite platforms

Recording Youtube videos be it tutorials, demos, educational videos, product reviews have never been easier!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I screen record videos from Youtube?

If you mean screen recording videos playing on Youtube, then yes, you can record them. Here’s a detailed tutorial on recording videos from youtube.

How do I screen record on Youtube?

Here are the detail steps on how you can do it:
  • Start the Vmaker app
  • Open the Youtube video that you want to record
  • Select the screen mode on the app (Full screen mode or custom screen size)
  • Click “Startt Recording” button
  • Congratulations, your video is now being recordedz!

Does Vmaker have Do-Not-Disturb mode?

Yes, Vmaker has a DND mode which cancels unwanted notifications while you record your videos.

Can I edit recorded videos with Vmaker?

Yes, of course, Vmaker comes with a built-in video editing tools, using which you can trim, cut, blur, merge, flip, and zoom in/out your recorded videos with ease.

Will there be a watermark added in the free version of Vmaker?

No, absolutely not. We have a strict no watermark policy to ensure your videos look just the way you want it to.