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Vmaker is a free YouTube screen recorder to record, edit, and save your YouTube videos to a single place.

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YouTube Screen Recorder

One solution to record, produce, and publish engaging YouTube videos

  • Record YouTube videos with audio

    Record YouTube videos with audio

    With Vmaker, you can record your favourite YouTube videos with audio and save them to cloud or to your personal computer. You can record the entire screen or only a portion of it in HD recording quality.

  • Record YouTube videos with audio
  • Edit YouTube recordings

    Edit YouTube Videos

    Vmaker’s YouTube screen recorder comes with advanced editing features like adding music, adding subtitles, trim, rotate, flip, blur and more that allow you to create a captivating video.

  • Edit YouTube Videos
  • Share YouTube videos instantly

    Share YouTube videos instantly

    Videos get saved in your cloud-based workspace after you finish recording. From here, you can share your videos to social platforms or embed them to your website.

  • Share YouTube videos instantly

Create your own YouTube Videos in minutes!

Record your screen, webcam or both to create your own YouTube videos such as tutorial videos, courseware videos, product review videos, product demo videos, and more. Add music, scenes, transitions, trim, merge and upload your videos to YouTube effortlessly from Vmaker.

Tutorial Videos
Tutorial Videos

Break down complex ideas that your audience will understand in a matter of minutes by creating an highly engaging tutorial video.

Couseware videos
Couseware Videos

Share your knowledge and expertise via an online course with a series of videos and position yourself as an authority in your field.

Product Review Videos
Product Review Videos

Review the product of your choice at 4K HD resolution while sharing your screen and don’t let your audience miss out on any details.

Product Demo Videos
Product Demo Videos

Win your customers by demonstrating the features and benefits of your product through an impressive product demo video.

Record YouTube live stream

Capture or record your favorite YouTube livestream videos with system audio and save it for later. All your videos will be saved automatically to your private cloud account, where you can view and download them. Sharing the recorded videos is extremely easy. You just have to copy and share your video links from your Vmaker dashboard.

Record YouTube live stream

Features that make Vmaker the best recording software for Youtube

Unlimited recording

Unlimited recording

Record any number of YouTube videos without any time-limits.

Hide sensitive information

Hide sensitive information

Blur out a certain section of your screen and record only what you intend.

Add music

Add music

Add music of your choice to your videos.



Record both system and microphone audio.

Screen Annotation

Screen Annotation

Draw on your screen while you record to make your YouTube videos engaging.

Virtual background

Virtual background

Record your videos with virtual backgrounds.

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How to Record YouTube videos with Vmaker’s YouTube Screen Recorder?

  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker on your computer

  • 2

    Choose screen, webcam or both with audio for recording

  • 3

    Record your videos at 4K HD to get the highest clarity

  • 4

    Edit your video to perfection and upload it directly to your YouTube channel from Vmaker

Looking to create a successful YouTube channel?

We’ve put together a list of tools, blogs, guides, and solutions to help you get started with your YouTube channel. Use these resources to know the essential tools required to record YouTube videos, the best practices, and strategies to grow your channel. We’ve also included a list of top YouTube channels you can follow to get started with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you mean screen recording videos playing on Youtube, then yes, you can record them. Here’s a detailed tutorial on recording videos from youtube.
You can check the step by step for editing your videos here.
Here are the detailed steps on how you can do it:
  • Start the Vmaker app
  • Open the YouTube video that you want to record
  • Select the screen mode on the app (Full screen mode or custom screen size)
  • Click “Start Recording” button
  • Congratulations, your video is now being recorded!
Yes. With Vmaker you can record both your system and external microphone sound, that too without any background noise.
No, absolutely not. We have a strict no watermark policy to ensure your videos look just the way you want it to.
For Windows you can use our chrome plugin. We support Windows 7, Windows 10, and any version of Windows OS supported by Google Chrome.
We currently support desktop computers, laptops, PC, basically computers of any sort. We will very soon launch our Android and iPhone apps, and that too will be free.
You can render and export your videos in 4K HD resolution.
You can upload your videos to YouTube directly from your Vmaker dashboard.