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How to create training videos with Vmaker

  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker on your computer

  • 2

    Record your screen with webcam overlay and voice over

  • 3

    Add frames, customize background & use annotations to record an engaging video

  • 4

    Edit your video to perfection and share it with ease

Why use a Screen Recorder for Creating Training Videos?

Make your videos more humanized with webcam video and voiceovers

Keep your audience glued to their screen with screen annotations

Record edit and share your videos without breaking a sweat

Screen recorders are a simple but powerful tool to create your training videos. They are easy to use, and they help you give a personalized touch to your training videos.

You can include varieties of visual cues such as audio, images, subtitles, voiceovers, webcam video, and other interactive elements that keep your audience engaged.

Also, screen recorders are easy to get started with. They don’t require much training or effort.

Everything You Need to Create Engaging Training Videos

  • Record screen and webcam with audio

    Screen capture software for training videos

    Create your training videos by recording your screen and webcam with audio. Add camera filters, virtual backgrounds, silhouettes, name tags and customize your recording according to your needs or audience.

  • Screen capture software for training videos
  • Record your videos in the highest clarity

    Record your videos in the highest clarity

    Never miss out on details in your videos. With Vmaker’s training video software, you can record your training videos at the highest clarity of 4K HD resolution. Your videos will be noise-free and will have better picture clarity.

  • Record your videos in the highest clarity
  • Edit your videos without juggling between tools

    Edit your training videos with ease

    Vmaker’s training video software comes with a free inbuilt video editor that allows you to polish your videos to perfection with ease. You can cut, trim, crop, rotate, flip, add scenes, adjust audio, and do more with the free built-in video editor.

  • EEdit your training videos with ease
  • Add screen annotations and capture viewers’ attention

    Create engaging training videos with screen annotations

    Use our drawing tool and mouse click highlight feature to point out the critical details on your screen as you record. This will help your viewers follow what you are trying to explain, keep, and make your video engaging.

  • Create engaging training videos with screen annotations
  • Add music and subtitles to your videos

    Add music and subtitles to your training videos

    Add clarity and bring out emotions in your training videos by adding subtitles and background music. This will help you keep your audience engaged and achieve your goal of 100% of your message being received by your audience.

  • Add music and subtitles to your training videos
  • Share your videos with ease

    Share your videos with ease

    All the videos you record will be automatically stored in your private cloud account. Now you can share your videos using just a link. You can also track how many people have viewed your video on your analytics dashboard.

  • Share your videos with ease

What are Training Videos?

Training videos are video based content that have an end goal of educating someone to know or do something. To put it in other words, training videos are aimed at teaching a skill or sharing knowledge with the viewers.

Some examples of training videos would include:

  • Software training videos
  • Process training videos
  • Policy training videos
  • Employee training videos
  • Training videos for YouTube
  • Corporate training videos

One of the most significant advantages of training videos is that it helps you spread information efficiently while saving time and energy.

With Vmaker’s screen recording software for training videos, you can create, edit and share engaging training videos with your audience in no time for free.

Tips for creating training videos

  • Keep your audience in mind while creating your videos

    Keep your audience in mind while creating your videos

    Your audience should always be the focal point while creating videos. Focus on those small critical pieces of information that your audience would require to achieve your desired goal. You can also write a script before recording your videos to ensure that your talking points don't deviate from your goals.

  • Keep your audience in mind while creating your videos
  • Keep your video short

    Keep your video short

    People have short attention spans, and you have to keep this in mind while creating videos. If you think the information you're trying to convey will require a longer video, break down the video into smaller parts. Ideally, 3-4 minutes would suffice, and the maximum you can stretch your video length is 6 minutes, after which the users won't be able to process the information effectively.

  • Keep your video short
  • Don't forget to use annotations

    Don't forget to use annotations

    Annotations help grab users' attention and keep them engaged. Highlight the crucial sections on your screen and use mouse clicks while recording. Once you're done with recording, add subtitles, relevant images, and headlines to make your video easier to understand. You can also add a slide with bullet points to list some rules, procedures, or other vital points. It will help your viewers retain critical information.

  • Don't forget to use annotations

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Frequently Asked Questions on Training Videos

Corporates can use Vmaker to create employee training videos, customer onboarding videos, product walkthrough videos and more. Businesses can even embed their videos into their website for easy access for their clients and employees.

Here’s how businesses benefit using Vmaker:

  • Custom branded video player page with custom logo and URL
  • Easy video embed option to insert videos on landing pages
  • Viewer analytics to keep track of the number of views
  • Shared library for teams to collaborate

Follow these steps to record your training videos:

  • Download and install Vmaker’s training video recording software
  • Open your software to record the video
  • Run Vmaker on your system and click "Start Recording"
  • With screen annotations highlight the important details
  • To end the recording click the red button on the side of your screen
  • After recording, you can view, edit, and share your recording online