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  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker on your computer.

  • 2

    Record your screen with webcam overlay and voice over

  • 3

    Add frames, AI virtual background & use annotations to record an engaging video

  • 4

    Edit your video to perfection and share it with ease

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Why use a Screen Recorder for Creating Training Videos?


Make your videos more humanized with webcam video and voiceovers


Keep your audience glued to their screen with screen annotations


Record edit and share your videos without breaking a sweat

How to Create Animated Training Videos (Vmaker + Animaker)

Using both animations and screen recording videos to train your employees is easier than ever. Record your screen and webcam to give a personalized training experience to your employees while animations, characters, and templates make the videos visually pleasing.

Create Animated Training Videos in simple 4 steps:

  • 1Plan the video & get the script ready

    Plan the video & get the script ready

    Segment the videos and write the script for instructor-only video chunks and animations.

  • Plan the video & get the script ready
  • 2Create Animated Videos on Animaker

    Create Animated Videos on Animake

    Open and choose a template or create one from scratch. Add images, Animaker characters, and create training videos for your employees

  • Create Animated Videos on Animake
  • 3Record your screen, webcam, or both on Vmaker

    Record your screen, webcam, or both on Vmaker

    Install Vmaker for Chrome or Mac app and start recording your screen, webcam, or both as needed. Once the video is ready, download it with a click!

  • Record your screen, webcam, or both on Vmaker
  • 4Edit the videos on Animaker

    Edit them videos on Animaker

    You can combine and edit both animation & screen recording videos on Animaker. You can choose any training video template or edit on a blank canvas!

  • Edit them videos on Animaker
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What makes Vmaker the best Training Video Maker

Create Unlimited Training Videos with Vmaker’s Training Video Maker

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Frequently Asked Questions on Training Videos

Corporates can use Vmaker to create employee training videos, customer onboarding videos, product walkthrough videos, and more. Businesses can even embed their videos into their website for easy access for their clients and employees.

Here’s how businesses benefit from using Vmaker:

  • Custom branded video player page with custom logo and URL
  • Easy video embed option to insert videos on landing pages
  • Viewer analytics to keep track of the number of views
  • Shared library for teams to collaborate

Follow these steps to record your training videos:

  • Download and install Vmaker’s training video recording software
  • Open your software to record the video
  • Run Vmaker on your system and click "Start Recording"
  • With screen annotations highlight the important details
  • To end the recording click the red button on the side of your screen
  • After recording, you can view, edit, and share your recording online

Here are the tips for creating effective training videos:

  • Keep your audience in mind while creating your videos
  • Keep your video short
  • Use annotations to highlight the crucial sections on your screen and use mouse clicks while recording.

Some tips to create training videos with PowerPoint:

  • Keep the PPT short
  • Make PowerPoint interactive by adding questions in between slides
  • Record your webcam while you walk through the PPT to beat the monotony of the audience staring at the slides

Vmaker! That’s right. It’s one of the best training video software that comes with a blurring tool. The best part is that it allows you to blur your screen while you record (so you don’t have to waste time editing it out later).