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How To Do Screen Recording Videos: Top 10 Actionable Tips You Should Know
How To Do Screen Recording Videos

Screen recording videos are easy to record. But inorder to create engaging and interactive ones you need to adapt Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do screen recording videos along with expert tips and tricks to help you record better videos.

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10 Best 4K Screen Recorders For Windows and Mac
best 4K screen recorders for windows mac

Videos that are recorded in 4K resolution store 4X more pixels than 1080p (Full HD). They have more details in every frame and look sharper even on large displays. And, it’s so much easier to zoom in, crop, and edit them (without having to compromise on the quality). That’s why 4K screen recorders are in […]

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Vmaker launches its Windows application to take over the screen recording market
Tanoy Chowdhury

- September 26, 2022 - Leave your thoughts.

Vmaker Screen Recorder for Windows

– Vmaker launches its Windows application to help Windows users make videos effortlessly – Vmaker has already gained more than 500,000 users & is confident that with this launch it will reach a million users soon – This application will have all the features like the Mac application & comes with a free plan too […]

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How To Make Educational Videos For YouTube
How To Make Educational Videos For YouTube

An Ultimate Guide You Will Need To Create Amazing Videos On YouTube Over the past few years, YouTube has become easy and free access to knowledge. No matter what you want to learn about, there are a bunch of resourceful videos available on YouTube. Now, the most feasible way to make your educational videos stand […]

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How To Add Audio to PowerPoint Presentations on Windows
how to add audio on powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint presentations can now be used for a variety of reasons. You can now add audio, video, animation, cinematic motion, transitions, and interactive elements to your PowerPoint presentations to make them more engaging. Adding such additional media boosts learners’ engagement and improves knowledge retention. In today’s article, let’s learn how to convert boring PowerPoint presentations […]

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