Test your mic online in just two simple steps

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  • 1 Start talking, singing, or make some noise!
  • 2 Check if you’re able to hear yourselves!
  • 3 That’s it! Your mic test is complete in seconds for free!

Check Image Your mic is absolutely working fine!

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Looking for a free online screen recorder with audio?

Help guide to troubleshoot your Mic!

Looking for a free online screen recorder?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What microphone can be used for the test?

Any microphone both internal and external can be tested using Vmaker free mic test.

Yes it’s absolutely free to test your microphone using Vmaker mic test. You can even start recording your screen for free using Vmaker. Register Here

You’ll be asked to allow access to the mic the very first time you load the page. If you enable access you’ll be able to see a small icon on the right hand corner of the browser which says this website has access to your microphone. If you missed it by mistake then you can click on the same icon and allow access.

You can test your mic on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers.

Clarity of your voice from your microphone is totally dependent on the mic quality.

Click on the mic icon on the browser toolbar to switch between the mic that you want to test.

Go to System Preferences > select Security & Privacy > Select microphone and enable browser to access mic option.

Microphone test troubleshooting guide and best practices


If you’re using Mac ensure that the browser you are using has been granted access to microphone to avoid any hiccups.


If you’re using an external Mic ensure that the mic is connected and detected by the device for seamless usage of microphone.


Ensure the mic is close while you test the microphone for better results.

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