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How to Make an Instructional videos with Screen Recording

  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker on your computer

  • 2

    Choose both screen and webcam for recording

  • 3

    Use annotations, customized background to create interesting content

  • 4

    Edit video, merge them with intros and outros, and upload your instructional video on YouTube instantly

Create instructional videos using Vmaker for Free

Create instructional video

Easy to Use. No Credit Card Required

Why Vmaker screen recorder for instructional videos?

There are multiple tools for making an instructional video, but a screen recorder like Vmaker is the best software for making instructional videos. Here are the reasons that back our claim -

  • Top quality recording

    Software to make instructional videos

    With a screen recorder like Vmaker, you can make videos in HD quality without even paying for it. After recording, you can also download the video and share it online. Best tool for making instructional videos for YouTube.

  • Software to make instructional videos
  • Best highlighting tools

    Create engaging instructional videos

    Viewers can miss details in your instructional videos. To avoid that, you can use annotations to underline important areas, and mouse emphasis to help your audience track the movement of your mouse cursor

  • Create engaging instructional videos
  • Powerful, in-built video editor

    Easily edit your instructional videos

    With Vmaker, you get an advanced video editor without paying extra. Trim, crop, rotate and resize your videos to add more precision. You can also upload external videos and sound to make it more interesting

  • Easily edit your instructional videos
  • No previous experience required

    Record your videos with ease

    You don’t need a certificate or a month-long course to make instructional videos with screen recording. All you need is your laptop. You can immediately start recording once your instructional video content is ready

  • Record your videos with ease

Vmaker’s free instructional video maker works best on your PC

What are instructional videos?

Instructional videos are videos consisting of a series of instructions to get a particular work done. There can be different instructional video ideas. From assembling furniture to updating your Mac computer on the latest OS, instructional videos are very helpful for visual guidance.

What are the best ways of making instructional videos?

There are a lot of ways in which you can make an instructional video, but here are the most-common ones

Presentation instructional videos

This is a classic way of making instructional videos. Using presentation slides with the help of words, images, diagrams and videos is an effective way of making instructional videos. The biggest con is that it can be a little boring as it’s not very personal in nature

Screen recording instructional videos

This is the easiest way by which you can make instructional videos for your audience. You can record your content on the screen, along with your voice and face at the same time. It’s frugal and more personal.

Animation instructional videos

This is a very popular technique as it makes learning very easy. Using animated characters with voice over can help you explain the most complicated ideas in the simplest way. The con is that it can get expensive as it requires specialists and making it can be time-consuming too

In-person videos

This is the most personal way of making instructional videos. Recording yourself in front of the camera along with a whiteboard is like giving a personalized online learning class. The challenging part is that not everyone is comfortable facing the camera.

How to make a good instructional video?

There are many content creators who are making instructional videos. But, if you want yours to stand out, follow these 5 tips -

  • Be firm on your objective

    Be firm on your objective

    Set the objective of your instructional video before you do anything else. Ask yourself: What do I want my audience to take away from this video? Once you have an answer to this question, you will know the direction you want to take

  • Be firm on your objective
  • Draft a storyboard

    Draft a storyboard

    Storyboarding creates a visual flow of your content. Even if you’re making a YouTube instructional video, use images or pictures to create a layout of your story. Now, for each frame you can decide what you want to cover, and how you will help your audience move to the next frame

  • Draft a storyboard
  • Use simpler language

    Use simpler language

    Maintain a layman language while you’re giving video instructions. If you have a technical topic to explain, see how you can break it down in simpler ways. Moreover, try creating scenarios and adding humour elements to keep your viewers engaged

  • Use simpler language
  • Set a desired length

    Set a desired length

    An instructional video can’t go on forever. Once your storyboard is set, work on your narration, and try to keep your video short. Keep only the relevant details as this will keep your content to-the-point and easy to remember

  • Set a desired length
  • Choose a video tool

    Choose a video tool

    Choosing the right video tool is important. When you have the right tool, your half work is done. To pick the right one, consider your budget and resources. If both of them are low, choose a free instructional video maker like a screen recorder

  • Choose a video tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best instructional video app is the one that you’re most comfortable using. If you’re unfamiliar with an app, using it for a long term can prove to be a hassle. Once you have decided the type fo app you want to make instructional videos, you can compare the products on the basis of price, features, user-friendliness and reviews to choose the best option

You can make money with instructional videos. If you’re a video recording agency you can make instructional videos for your clients. There is a healthy demand for these type of videos from various organizations. You can also make money as a content creator by recording YouTube instructional videos. A lot of people search for instructional videos on YouTube, so by monetizing the content you can make a decent sum of money

Creating youtube instructional video is easy with Vmaker. Sign up and install Vmaker Screen Recorder on your computer and choose both screen and webcam to record your youtube instructional video.

Creating instructional video is easy with the Vmaker Screen recording tool. Install Vmaker Mac App or Chrome Extension and Start recording your instructional video.