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Here's how you can quickly record your PowerPoint presentation
with Vmaker


Recording PowerPoint presentation on Mac has never been this easier

  • Download and install Vmaker on your Mac.

  • Open your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Start presenting the deck in "Presenter view".

  • Start Vmaker and if you want your audience to hear and see you, choose Screen + Webcam mode.

  • Select full screen recording and click the 'Start Recording' button to start your recording.

  • To end the recording click the red button the on side of your screen.

  • Once after recording, you can view, edit, and share your recording online.

Here’s a Step by step visual guide on how to record
PowerPoint presentations using Vmaker on your Mac

Before you go further, here's why you should try Vmaker

Record Now for Free

No credit card required. Free for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to record audio on powerpoint?

You can always go to your PowerPoint presentation and add audio from there but if you want to make your presentation less robotic and more engaging then you should use a screen recording tool like Vmaker. Recording a presentation with audio is no-brainer with Vmaker, and also you can use screen annotation tools to make your presentation more engaging.

Which versions of macOS does Vmaker support?

Vmaker supports macOS 10.14 (Mojave), macOS 10.15 (Catalina), and macOS 11.1 (Big Sur).

Does Vmaker come with a recording limit?

No. You can record powerpoint presentations for as long as you want without any restrictions in the recording duration even in the free plan.

Will I be able to capture the audio while recording PowerPoint presentations?

Yes. Vmaker records both system audio and microphone audio. So you can voice over or narrate while simultaneously recording your PowerPoint presentation.

Will there be a watermark added in the free version of Vmaker?

Absolutely not. We have a strict no watermark policy to ensure your PowerPoint presentation recordings look just the way you want it to.

Does Vmaker support 4K recording?

Yes you can record PowerPoint presentations at the highest quality of 4K. But the 4K recording is available only in the paid plans.Upgrade now.

Will I be able to annotate on the screen while recording PowerPoint presentations?

Yes Vmaker comes with a Screen annotation tool that let’s you annotate and take notes on your screen while recording. But the screen annotation tool is available only in the paid plans. Upgrade now.

Do I have to worry about the file size of my screen recording?

No. All your screen recordings will be made available on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about downloading the huge recording file and saving it locally. But we also have the option to download your recording in case you need to save it locally.

Is there a comprehensive tutorial explaining how to use Vmaker?

Yes, we have a tutorial page that has a complete video tutorial explaining you on how to set up and use Vmaker. Check out Vmaker Tutorial.

Will I be able to record my presentation with Webcam?

Yes, absolutely! You just need to choose the Screen+Webcam mode before starting your recording. To know more about Vmaker, check out this tutorial.