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A free webcam recorder that allows you to record, edit, and share your webcam videos. Vmaker comes with a set of free filters, frames, and AI-powered virtual backgrounds for webcam overlay.

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How to Record Webcam Video with AI Virtual Background using Vmaker?

  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker on your computer

  • 2

    Choose “webcam” or “webcam + screen” for recording

  • 3

    Add frames, AI virtual background for screen + webcam, and use annotations

  • 4

    Edit your video to perfection and share it with ease

Record Webcam Videos with AI-Powered Virtual Background

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Key features and benefits of Vmaker’s webcam recording software

  • Record high quality videos

    webcam recording software with virtual background

    Vmaker's webcam recorder enables you to record videos at the highest quality ensuring that your webcam recordings have sharper footage, reduced noise, and increased clarity.

  • webcam recorder with virtual background
  • Jazz up your recordings with webcam virtual backgrounds

    webcam recorder with virtual background

    Vmaker's webcam video recorder comes with a set of free filters, frames, and AI-Powered virtual backgrounds for webcam overlay. You can use these features to customize and add fun to your webcam videos depending on your mood or audience.

  • Jazz up your recordings with webcam virtual backgrounds
  • Record screen and webcam

     webcam recording software

    Vmaker’s webcam recording software also comes with a free screen recorder, using which you can record your screen along with your webcam to create compelling screen recording videos.You can also record only your screen depending on your needs.

  • Record screen and webcam
  • Edit your videos effortlessly

    online video recorder with background

    Vmaker's free webcam recorder comes with a built-in video editor. It has features such as trim, rotate, flip, merge, add music, and much more, which allow you to give a professional touch to your videos.

  • online video recorder with background
  • Have your videos always accessible

    how to record video with virtual background

    All your webcam recordings are stored automatically on your private cloud account. Now you can access and share your videos instantly without worrying about your video's storage location.

  • Have your videos always accessible

Here’s how you can use Vmaker’s webcam recording software for your videos

Video Email

Video Email

Access Vmaker's webcam recorder directly from your Gmail account and send a quick, personalized video email to your prospects to improve your conversion rate.

Email Signature

Email Signature

Take your email signature to the next level by recording a short video of yourself and your business and adding it to the footer of your email.

Video Newsletter

Video Newsletter

Give a personal touch to your newsletters by recording and embedding a short video complimenting your message.

Customer Videos

Customer Videos

Make your customer feel valued by celebrating their milestone achievements through a personalized celebratory video.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Get your customers to record testimonial videos using Vmaker's webcam video recorder and share them with you effortlessly on a shared cloud account.

Blog Videos

Blog Videos

Increase interest and engagement in your blog by recording and embedding a short summary video about your content. Also, use the same video on various social media platforms for the promotion.

Try our free webcam recording software right now and create awesome webcam videos!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can record an unlimited number of videos without any watermarks throughout your usage.
Vmaker supports macOS 10.14 (Mojave), macOS 10.15 (Catalina), macOS 11.1 (Big Sur), and above

To record webcam videos on Windows, you'll need to download our free Chrome plugin, which supports Windows 7, Windows 10, and any version of Windows compatible with Google Chrome. Alternatively, you can use the Vmaker Windows app, available for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Here are the steps:

  • 1. Download and install Vmaker’s free screen recorder Chrome extension.
  • 2. Sign up for Vmaker or log in using your existing Vmaker ID.
  • 3. Once you're done, click on the extension in the browser to open it.
  • 4. Select the webcam mode to start recording.
  • 5. Set filters, frames, and AI virtual backgrounds for Webcam Overlay
  • 6. Click on "Start Recording" to begin recording your screen using the Vmaker plugin.
  • That's it! Now you're recording your video.
We currently support desktop computers, laptops, PC, basically computers of any sort. Soon, we will be launching our Android and iPhone apps, and they will also be available for free.
Yes. If your desktop computer or PC doesn't have a built-in camera, you can connect an external camera and use it with Vmaker.
Yes, you can use our online webcam test tool here to test your webcam.
Yes, you can add frames to your webcam overlay, and not only that, but you can also change the shape and size of your webcam overlay depending on your choice.
It is pretty simple; you will have all the recording options (webcam, screen, or both) in the same dashboard itself, from where you can choose the screen + webcam recording option and record your videos.
Vmaker supports AI-powered virtual backgrounds for webcam overlay when you are recording screen + webcam. We're working on adding virtual backgrounds to webcam-only recording. In addition to the filters and frames, you can also choose to have virtual backgrounds from the list of options available or even upload an image of your choice to use as a background. Alternatively, you can also choose to blur your background (silhouette feature).
Yes, Vmaker’s webcam recorder is safe, as we have followed strict protocols to keep our site secure.