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Learn How to record and create videos
with Vmaker in this comprehensive tutorial!

bullet1Signing up, Downloading, and setting up:

Sign up to Vmaker from the website from any one of the sign up mode.

Signing up to Vmaker is absolutely easy and simple. Choose between any three options including Facebook, Gmail, and Email based on your convenience.

Downloading Vmaker for Mac or Windows from the web portal

Download the Vmaker app for Mac or Windows-based on your device that you use. No need to enter details again. It’s just one click!

Granting necessary permissions and setting up Vmaker for the first time

Setting up has never been easier. Grant the webcam, audio and screen recording permissions needed to get going and Vmaker is ready to record!

Signing into the Vmaker app

Signing in to the Vmaker app with the same credentials to start recording!

Overview of the home screen of the Vmaker app and the recording modes & types

Record Screen, Camera, or both in the dimensions that you prefer with Vmaker.

Walkthrough of my preferences on the Vmaker app

Choose the recording quality, Select camera, microphone, computer audio based on your choice. Enable or disable the dock menu, mouse emphasis, flip camera, Do not disturb, and noise cancellation at ease to simplify your recording!

Walkthrough of workspace and how to switch between workspace on Vmaker

Quickly switch between workspace and collaborate effectively with your team

step tick All set to record your first video on Vmaker. Let’s record!

bullet2 Recording

Select one of the recording modes and dimensions to start recording

Choose to record your camera, screen or both as you wish with the custom dimensions that you want to record.

Mouse Emphasis and screen annotate features whilst recording

Draw on the screen and highlight sections of your screen while you record making your recordings attractive.

Switch between live webcam & static webcam image as you wish!

Now choose or switch between live webcam image or place holder image while you record

Pause recording, cancel recording features whilst recording from the dock menu

Easily pause, mute or cancel recording from the dock menu as you wish!

Finish recording and upload the file to the cloud

Finish your recording and upload the same on cloud in one click

step tick Recording done right! Now let’s jump to post-production!

bullet3 Editing & Sharing

Renaming the video recording on the web portal

Rename your recording as you wish before you share it with anyone on the internet

Deleting a recording on the web portal

Don’t like your recording? You can delete them in one click!

Duplicating a video on the web portal

Duplicate the recording and make multiple copies as you wish on Vmaker

Downloading the recording to the device from the web portal

Your videos are safe with us forever on cloud. But just incase you want to download it and upload else where you can do so with ease!

Sharing the video via email from the web portal

Sharing your videos through email has been made easier. One click to share the video with anyone via email.

Copying the link of the recorded video from the web portal

Not just emails you can share it with anyone on the internet. Copy your link and send it to anyone you want to share your recording with.

Editing the recorded video on the web portal of Vmaker

No more struggles to download the recording and edit it on another software. Edit your videos in house on Vmaker editor.

Trim, Swap, rotate, and editing features on Vmaker

Host of editing features that comes in handy for you making your videos look even better and engaging.

step tick Let’s explore what more you can do on Vmaker!

bullet4 Web dashboard

Creating new workspace on the web dashboard of Vmaker

Collabration just got easier. Create multiple workspace and add your team members to collaborate effectively.

Adding teammates to workspace on the web dashboard of Vmaker

Avoid the discomfort of sending the video link each time to your teammates. Add them to a shared workspace.

Creating a new folder on the web dashboard of Vmaker

Create folders inside your workspace for quick access for anyone accessing the workspace. Stay organized with folders!

Switching workspace on the web dashboard

Collabarating with multiple teams? No worries, you can switch between workspace with ease.

My plans section on the web dashboard of Vmaker to add new users or upgrade the plan

Upgrade your plan and add details yourselves without reaching out to support. You can also upgrade plans by clicking on the upgrade button on the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

Edit profile on the web dashboard of Vmaker

Edit your profile and make changes incase there are any on your profile section

Account settings on the web dashboard of Vmaker

Revisit and update your account settings from the accounts dashboard all by yourself easily

Setting up two-factor authentication on the web dashboard of Vmaker

Add two factor authentication and secure your account with Vmaker two factor