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How to make a Tutorial Videos using Vmaker

  • 1

    Sign up and install Vmaker on your computer

  • 2

    Choose both screen and webcam for recording

  • 3

    Add annotations, customize background, use microphone for voice recording

  • 4

    Edit video, merge them with intros and outros, export at 4K and upload to Facebook instantly

Create Unlimited Number of Tutorial Video with Vmaker

Create tutorial videos

Easy to use. No Credit Card Required

Why are screen recorders the best tutorial video software for making tutorial videos?

It can be a little tough to relate to the above statement, so here are the top 5 reasons why screen recording software like Vmaker are the best software to create video tutorials

  • One tool for everything

    Best software to create video tutorials

    The best thing about advanced screen recorders like Vmaker is that they reduce your dependency on other tools. They have an inbuilt arsenal of features that help you to record, enhance, edit and share at the same time

  • Best software to create video tutorials
  • Quality videos

    Quality videos

    Bad video quality is like disrespecting your hard work. While you can get tempted to spend thousands of dollars setting a professional video, you can get it done with a screen recorder instead. Record videos in 4K quality; save money and keep things simple.

  • Quality videos
  • Audience attention

    Tutorial video maker for an engaging video

    The attention span of your audience is already depleting. Help them by adding annotations and mouse emphasis to your videos. With annotations, you can draw, scribble and underline different areas while mouse emphasis highlights where you’re clicking on the screen.

  • Tutorial video maker for an engaging video
  • Synchronized recording

    Video tutorial software for synchronized recording

    Screen recorders can sync your screen recording, webcam video, voice and system audio to give a seamless experience to your audience. You don’t need a separate plug-in, or you don’t have to change settings to avoid any lag in the recording.

  • Video tutorial software for synchronized recording
  • Powerful editor

    Edit video tutorials

    With screen recorders like Vmaker, you can spruce up your videos with the in-built editor. It’s not just about cropping or resizing the video. You can add transition effects, add audio and import videos to give the perfect intro and outro to your video tutorial.

  • Edit video tutorials
  • One tap share

    Share your tutorial videos with ease

    People can see your videos only when you share them. And, to make things easier, Vmaker lets you do it with one tap. Choose your favorite social media platform, and click share to publish your video online.

  • Share your tutorial videos with ease

What are tutorial videos?

Tutorial videos, also popularly known as video tutorials are step-by-step guidance videos for performing an action. They’re usually short, cover only specific details and are very useful in breaking down a large training content in smaller portions.

Why should you make video tutorials?

Making video tutorials has many advantages, but the best way of understanding them is with numbers


People prefer videos over text to learn about a product or a service


More information is retained from video tutorials after 6 months

7 hours

That’s the amount of time people spend watching videos on internet every week


Of adult YouTube users in the US watch videos to learn new things

Different types of tutorial videos

Very much like your content, tutorial videos can be made in different ways, but here are the most popular ones used by content creators to create tutorial videos

Type of video
What are they?
Screen recording videos
Using screen recorders to share your content on screen along with webcam and voice recording
  • The easiest technique to create tutorial videos
  • No learning curve
  • Very low dependency on another video software
  • Video editing can be a problem unless you’re using an advanced screen recorder like Vmaker
Slide Presentation
Splitting the tutorial content into multiple slides and presenting it in a video format
  • Great for summarizing content
  • Easy to create
  • Users can consume the content in their own time
  • Less personal as the instructor cannot be seen
  • Visually it can get boring as it’s less interactive
Whiteboard videos
Whiteboard videos are done using animation. It uses images, text, characters and some special movement effects to create tutorial content
  • It’s fun to watch, and therefore highly engaging
  • Good for explaining difficult concepts
  • The attendees may remember the content for a longer time as it’s easy to watch the videos
  • Not suitable for serious content
  • Lack of human touch as the viewers do not see an actual human in the videos
Presenter videos
This is more like online video lectures. The attendees can see the presenter and feel like having a private tutoring session
  • Highly personal form of communication
  • Very suitable for explaining complex and sensitive subjects
  • Great for personal branding as people get to know you better
  • Producing this type of videos cost a high amount of money
  • It also takes time because a lot of technical details like, sound and voice has be perfected
  • Usually, demands a team for editing the videos

Depending on what your content is, your choices will differ. But, if you ask us, we will highly recommend choosing screen recorders. It’s great for all types of content, affordable, and most-importantly anyone can use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many advantages of making tutorial videos over printed manuals. For the starters, they are more engaging. Printed manuals are boring as reading is a tough task. Moreover, printing is a costly process; using tools like screen recorders can save money and give better returns.
It’s always a good idea to write a script, practice a couple of times, and then start recording the video. Scripting helps to follow a structure and makes it easy to cover all the important information that you want to share with your audience.
Tutorial videos are for everyone. Anyone who is looking forward to learning new stuff online is the right candidate for tutorial videos. As a content creator, do a market research prior recording to ascertain who is your target audience. This will give you a better idea of how you should proceed.