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What is Asynchronous Communication?

Asynchronous communication is the type of communication where one person sends information to another person, the other person receives the information, processes it, and replies back, after a while, generally at a time of their convenience.

Asynchronous communication doesn’t require people to be available in real-time, unlike synchronous communication.

Simply put, communication that happens via emails, text messages, video messages, or videos are all examples that constitute asynchronous communication. Whereas in- person meetings, video conferencing, phone calls, live discussions are all synchronous communication.

The story behind creation of Vmaker

Vmaker is a product that was born out of our own experience. It's a product by Animaker - a video first SaaS company founded in 2015 now has over 10 million customers worldwide.

After its establishment, Animaker grew significantly over the years, and videos became a prime source of communication.

We were creating videos for customer tutorials, system integrations, product demos, and internal reviews. But at the same time we were juggling with multiple tools to connect, collaborate, and support our customers across different time zones.

We ended up investing in many third-party tools like a screen recorder, a video editor, a player, and a hosting solution with an analytics engine. All this increased the overhead cost of the business.

As a video-first company, we knew that there was a better way to handle this. We wanted to build a solution that solves all the communication barriers. Something that could bridge the gap between lengthy email chains and the ephemeral video calls.

So we thought the first step was to integrate an editor and player inside a recording tool. The next step was to make video sharing seamless. We wanted to build an app that lets the user record their video or screen for over an hour and share the file in a few seconds. And that's how Vmaker was born.

We have been successfully implementing Vmaker across all our departments for effective internal communications since then.

Our greatest push came in the form of COVID-19 when working from home became the new normal. Every communication was in the form of Emails and Zoom video calls. While you can revisit emails multiple times for clarification, video calls let you create a personal touch! But they come with their own set of challenges too. An email can easily be misunderstood, and a video call is short-lived, but that's a problem we are here to solve!

Vmaker marries the idea of video calls with the ease of documenting that email offers. We combine the benefits of Gmail and Zoom into a single platform, which is easy for everyone to use. Vmaker lets you record, edit, play, and animate your videos without having to invest in numerous tools.

We have seen a significant boost in our productivity, turnover, and sales since we incorporated Vmaker into our day-to-day operations. This will be a paradigm shift in the way you communicate online. Come join us as we create a new milestone in the way the world connects and communicates. Why juggle with emails and chats when you could say it with the video?

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