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Complete Guide on Explainer Videos: With 10 amazing tips
Tanoy Chowdhury

- April 12, 2023

guide on explainer video

There are numerous tips online for making an explainer video. It’s a good thing because there is no dearth of free knowledge available. But, the problem is that the knowledge is scattered all over the place. It’s a chaotic experience and no matter how much you love note-taking, it’s exhaustive after a point of time. […]


6 simple tips to create viral YouTube tutorial videos
Tanoy Chowdhury

- April 5, 2023

youtube tutorial video

The fun part about tutorial videos on YouTube is that people love watching them. And you don’t need to read a research paper to prove that. Because you have watched these videos, you know that they’re popular. Google also supports this. According to Think With Google, we’re 3X more likely to watch a tutorial video […]


How to create a customer onboarding playbook?
Tanoy Chowdhury

- March 24, 2023

customer onboarding playbook

Asking a customer success manager if they want to improve their customer’s onboarding experience is a rhetorical question. Because the answer is an obvious YES. Every CSM knows that if they delight customers right during onboarding, the higher are the chances of them sticking with the product. Which ultimately leads to higher potential for upselling […]