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How to add subtitles or captions to Zoom meeting recordings
Tanoy Chowdhury

- May 24, 2024

How to add subtitles to Zoom recording

Everyone should record Zoom meetings and add subtitles to them. Because it’s tough to remember every single detail that has been shared in back-to-back Zoom meetings. With subtitles, you can watch the recordings later and know exactly who is saying what. Especially if the Zoom meetings consist of a high number of attendees from different […]


How to Add Multilingual Subtitles to your videos with use cases
Tanoy Chowdhury

- May 23, 2024

How to Add Multilingual Subtitles to your videos

There are two scenarios where adding multilingual subtitles to a video offers an immense amount of value. One, when you want to translate a foreign language video into your native language. Two, when you want to translate your own video into a foreign language. If you’re here for one of these purposes, then we promise […]


How Vmaker AI Can Supercharge Employee Training
Sunanda Prajapati

- April 15, 2024

Microlearning Videos

Let’s be real – employee training can feel like a chore for everyone involved. The learners struggle to stay engaged as they mindlessly watch another dull, dry video that’ll soon be forgotten. Meanwhile, the creators are stuck figuring out how to make the material actually stick. That’s where a video maker like Vmaker AI comes […]