Vmaker Chrome Extension: The Best Free Tool For Screen Recording Videos

We were building something very exciting in our backyard tool shed, and now we’re happy to share it with the world. We figured that you work the best when there is absolutely no distraction. Your projects get that extra level of finesse when the tools are easily accessible within your browser window.

To enhance your productivity experience, and make your work distraction-free,  we have launched the Google Chrome extension of Vmaker. So the next time you want to share feedback, create an explainer video, or record a home workout video on YouTube, you don’t have to switch windows. Click on the Vmaker icon on your Chrome browser and get started with recording a video. 

What inspired us to work on the Vmaker Chrome Extension

Vmaker chrome extension

Before we proceed telling you about what makes Vmaker stand out from its competitors, we thought of giving you a little backdrop about how we thought about this idea of launching Chrome extension in the first place.

The idea behind launching the Chrome extension was inspired from the requests pouring in from early adopters who wanted to try Vmaker for Windows, and as a Chrome plug-in. We were overwhelmed with the number of requests, and turning them down wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. If so many people are looking towards making screen recording videos which is a smarter way of communicating and collaborating with people, we got to help them.

And, here we are. After a solid 2 months effort, we’re ready with the best screen recorder Chrome extension that helps you to communicate with more clarity without holding yourself back.

Not just any screen recorder

Vmaker chrome extension for screen recording videos

The Vmaker Chrome extension comes packed with the right set of features that will not only allow you to record videos but also make it look professional with its in-built toolset. Here’s a quick walk-through about what makes us better than the rest of the screen recording tools - 

Unlimited recording

Whether you’re recording your screen or using your webcam to record a video, there is no limit on the duration of your recording or the file size. So, go ahead, make your next recording without worrying about boundaries.

Use 4K resolution

Grainy videos are a big deal-breaker. Today, the audience are used to watching pristine quality videos, and to be in the trend recording video in 4K is necessary. With Vmaker, you can make 4K quality videos, download and share them with others without worrying about anything.

Record audio

Recording only a video can be a dampening experience. With Vmaker Chrome extension, you can plug-in your microphone so that you can record your voice too. This works very well when you want to share instructions along with the video. The video and voice synchronization will make it easier for your audience to follow your content

Record audio

Has it ever happened to you that you work very hard on a video, but the viewers totally miss out on a specific information because there were many places to look at in the video? If you’re a YouTube content creator or an educator, you know what I’m trying to say. To avoid this problem, we introduced the screen annotation and mouse emphasis feature in Vmaker. You can use these features to highlight the areas and draw figures to grab the attention of your audience. 

Edit like a pro

Once you’re done recording the video with the browser extension of Vmaker, you can edit the videos to give a professional look to it. You can crop, trim and resize the video so that your final version has only the relevant information, and no fuss in it. 

Collaborate with team

Your videos get automatically saved in a workspace. You can share this workspace with your team and give them access to view it. To have a more streamlined approach, you can create multiple folders within the workspace, and for each folder you can give access to particular team members. 

Noise control

Background noises can ruin your recording. You don’t want your audience to hear the cacophony of traffic or a noisy washing machine in the background. It disturbs the aesthetic of the video, and makes your voice less audible. With the noise control feature of Vmaker, you can cancel out these noises, and ensure that your audience can only hear your voice without any interruptions.

Easy on the pocket

“This is an awesome tool, it has some great features, but it will cost a bomb.” If you’re thinking this, then let me make it clear to you - Vmaker is FREE. You don’t have to shell out a single penny to record videos with Vmaker. However, there are other pricing options which you can choose to use more advanced features. Check out our pricing page for more information.

That’s a wrap

Staying productive is the need-of-the-hour. You can get so much more done if you’re focused on your work. To help you with that, we launched the Vmaker Chrome extension. Now record good quality videos right from your browser without switching tabs.

Vmaker comes with all the right features to record, edit and customize your videos. Moreover, it’s free, and has no restrictions on the video duration. So, go ahead, get your best video recording done with limited distractions and the best tool that you can think of.

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