How To Do Screen Recording Videos? 10 Step Guide With Tips & Tricks

Screen recording videos are one of the easiest ways of creating videos. Unlike other video forms, screen recording videos don’t come with much complications as most of the happening is in real-time and controllable by the one who is recording. But that doesn’t mean screen recording is a piece of a cakewalk. Sometimes while recording screen recording videos we tend to miss a lot of the basics which makes the recordings to be dull and boring. This might cause the viewer to lose interest quickly. In this guide, we’ll list down the step-by-step guide on how to do screen recording videos along with tips and tricks.

10 simple steps along with tips on creating high-quality screen recording videos

  • Prepare a script or create a rough outline of what you’re planning to record 
  • Choose the screen recording software and do a mock run-up 
  • Decide on the resolution and size of the recording 
  • Ensure do not disturb mode is enabled while recording 
  • Avoid external disturbances and noises while recording
  • Choose the right microphone and webcam for your recording
  • Do not overuse the screen annotation tools and webcam overlay
  • Avoid using the control menu and switch to hotkeys to avoid extra elements on the screen while recording 
  • Add quick intro and conclusion to your recordings to add extra clarity 
  • Edit out and trim portions that are extra in the screen recording

1. Prepare a script or create a rough outline of what you’re planning to record

Screen recordings are done for a lot of different reasons. It could be to record a meeting or recording the product flow for a tutorial video or so many other purposes. It is important to decide on the flow of the recording and have a rough script or outline for the same. 

By having a clear idea of what you have to record and a rough script you’ll be able to precisely record videos without much confusion. Without a flow or a script, the recording will often be too long. There will also be a lot of unnecessary sections which will need huge efforts to edit. 

2. Choose the screen recording software and do a mock run-up

Here's a mock recording of the Vmaker tutorial video before recording the screen footage

Decide on the screen recording software in which you use to create the screen recording video. Ideally, the best screen recording software comes with features that will let you record the screen, camera, or both simultaneously with audio along with screen annotation, noise cancellation, and editor options.

Once you’re done deciding on the screen recording software and then installing the software, it’s important to quickly run through the settings and record a mock video to familiarise and check if everything is working well. 

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By recording a mock video, you'll be able to confidently talk while screen recording and also feel comfortable reading a script while looking into the camera.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about deciding on the screen recording software. Vmaker is the ideal solution for anyone looking to screen record. 

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3. Decide on the resolution, size of the recording, and other recording settings

Screen recording can be done in two different ways, recording the screen alone or recording the screen and webcam together. First, decide on which type of screen recording you want to do. The next step would be to precisely record what you want to record.

 It is important to share only the relevant and necessary information. So decide on whether you want to record the entire screen or a tab or even a particular section of the screen. 

Screen recording video preferences
Quickly run through the preferences before starting the recording

Also, quickly run through the other screen recording settings including whether you need system audio or not to ensure that the recordings happen exactly the way you want.

4. Ensure that do not disturb mode is enabled while recording

Push notifications could be the most annoying thing that crops up while you are recording a video. In order to avoid notifications hampering your screen recording ensure that the screen recorder automatically blocks push notifications while you’re screen recording.

5. Avoid external disturbances and noises while recording

Identify the ideal location for recording the video. Ideally, ensure that there are no disturbances from external sources while recording. If there are disturbances it could really hinder the video flow and might require a lot of editing later. 

Vmaker comes with noise cancellation that ensures small background noises and disturbances are not recorded while you are recording videos using Vmaker. 

6. Choose the right microphone and webcam for your recording

Microphones and webcam play a huge role in deciding the quality of your screen recording and it is crucial to have a quality microphone and webcam for recording videos.

It is advisable to not use the internal microphones in laptops. At the same time, there isn’t a need to invest heavily in a professional microphone as a very basic one that comes with an earphone itself could do the job.

Likewise, Mac users need not worry about the webcam as the built-in one offers an unparalleled webcam recording experience. If you’re a Windows user then you might have to consider upgrading your webcam to a good enough one to create a good video. 

Ensure that the recording software has the option to connect external microphones and webcam. Vmaker enables users to choose from different microphones and webcams that are connected and made available.

7. Do not overuse the screen annotations, mouse emphasis, and webcam overlay features

Screen annotation, mouse emphasis, and movable webcam overlay allow users to make the screen recording engaging and interactive. However, overusing the tools will create an unpleasant viewing experience.

Constantly hovering the mouse on the screen and clicking makes it difficult for the viewer to understand what is being conveyed on screen. 

Screen annotations while recording a screen annotation video
Wisely use the screen annotation feature

Similarly, screen drawing or annotations could also be a great way of creating engaging videos but it is very important to use it wisely. 

Ensure the webcam overlay is positioned smartly

If you’re recording with a webcam overlay then the position of webcam overlay plays a key role. The webcam overlay needs to be positioned in such a way that the user keeps an eye on the screen and also the person behind the webcam. Constant hovering of the webcam overlay once gain creates an unpleasant viewing experience and must be avoided at all costs. 

8. Avoid using the control menu and switch to hotkeys to avoid extra elements on the recording

Most of the recorders come with a control menu that has shortcuts to pause, finish, delete the recording, and much more. But each and every click on the control menu drags the focus of the users away from the mainframe.

The best way to avoid losing the user's focus is by disabling the recording menu and using hotkeys while recording. By doing so you can freely pause recordings and finish recording without distracting the user. 

Vmaker comes with hotkeys and also the option to disable the recording menu ensuring users can record videos without the recording menu. 

9. Add a quick intro and conclusion to your recordings to add extra clarity

To add value to your screen recording videos it is always good to add intro and outro to the video. Explaining what is going to be conveyed in the video prior to the actual recording and what is going to be recorded in the video post the actual recording. 

10. Edit out and trim portions that don’t look good

Webcam overlay in a screen recording video
Once you finish recording the video. Edit out or trim the sections that you feel are unnecessary and extra

No matter how focused you are while recording videos there are bound to be instances where there are few pauses and breaks.

A screen recorder with a video editor enables you to quickly edit the screen recording before sharing it with others. 

Vmaker comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to edit videos. with a host of video editing tools including trim, crop, merge, rotate, flip, and many more.

Now that you have got a clear idea on recording videos including tips and tricks. Sign Up right away and start creating engaging videos for free using Vmaker.

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