How to Screenshot a Video?

Are you wondering how to screenshot a video? or how to make a video out of screenshots? This article will provide you with a detailed explanation of the process involved and the tools required to execute the process. We will also see how to capture a video playing on your computer in HD quality. And for all of this, we will be using the free available tools which you will find extremely easy to use.

How to take a screenshot of a video?

There are three ways to take a screenshot of a video:

  1. Hotkeys 
  2. Screenshot Tools
  3. Screenshot Chrome extension

And when we say screenshot of a video, we are talking about taking a picture of a video on your computer screen.

screenshot of a video


A hotkey is a key or a combination of keys on a computer keyboard that performs a task when pressed at one time. Both Windows and Mac come with a default set of hotkeys to take a screenshot. And you can simply use them to take a screenshot by pausing your video.

Hotkeys for taking a screenshot of the video on Mac

Shift + Cmd + 3: To take a screen of your video in a full-screen mode

  • Ensure that you are playing your video in a full-screen mode
  • Pause your video at the exact moment of which you want to take a screenshot
  • Or you can also simply press the hotkeys to take continuous screenshots
  • Once the screenshots are taken, they will automatically appear in the corner of your screen

Shift + Cmd + 4: To take a screenshot of a particular section of your screen

  • Pause the videos at the exact moment of which you want to take a screenshot
  • Press the hotkeys and drag the crosshair to select a particular area to capture
  • Once the screenshots are taken, they will automatically appear in the corner of your screen
  • If you wish to cancel the selection while taking the screenshot, just press the Esc key

Shift + Cmd + 4 + Space bar: To take a screenshot of a video in a particular window

  • Just follow the same steps in the previous section, and while pressing the hotkeys, press the Space bar, a camera icon will appear, and now click on the screen to take a screenshot - your screenshot will appear in the corner of the screen.

Using the above hotkeys, you can capture the entire screen, a window, or just a portion of the screen on MAC.

Hotkeys for taking a screenshot of the video on Windows

Windows + PrtScn: To a screenshot of your video in the full-screen mode

  • Hit the hotkeys after pausing your video, and the screen will briefly go dim to indicate that you have taken a screenshot. Your screenshots will be saved in the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures folder.

Alt + PrtScn: To take a screenshot of a video in a particular window

  • Just repeat the above process given above but with Alt + PrtScn to take a screenshot of a video in a specific window.

Windows Logo + Volume Down (for Microsoft Surface devices)

If you are using a Microsoft Surface device, then you can hit the Windows logo at the bottom of your screen and press the volume button.

Snipping Tools

Windows Computers

Windows comes with a built-in snipping tool that allows you to take timed screenshots of your video. This feature will help you take a screenshot at the exact moment of your choice. Just set a timer, and the tool will automatically take a screenshot. To access this tool, just click on the Windows icon on your screen and search for Snipping Tool. Open the tool and click on the Delay button, and set the timer. Now once after countdown finishes, your screenshot will be automatically taken and saved.

Mac Systems

Like Windows, Mac comes with a built-in Screenshot tool that allows you to take a delayed or timed screenshot. To access the tool, go to your Applications Finder and click on Utilities, there you will see a Screenshot icon, upon clicking which you will be able to set a time and take a screenshot.

Screenshot Chrome Extension

There are many different chrome extensions to take screenshots of a video, but the Chrome extension we will see makes life easier for you, especially if you are planning to take a screenshot from an online video.

Video Screenshot: This extension allows you to download full-resolution screenshots of online videos without the player controls. Also, once after installing, it adds itself as a control in all of your online streaming websites, making it extremely easy to take a video screenshot.

How to make a screenshot video?

There are two ways to create a screenshot video: 

  1. You can collect all the necessary screenshots, put them together in a video maker tool and create a video.
  2. Or you can use a screen recorder tool to highlight the important details with audio narration and create a video.

Of both the methods mentioned above, a screenshot video created using a screen recorder would be more engaging for your audience to watch since it allows you to give a personal touch to your videos with features such as screen annotation and audio narration. 

Most importantly, you can record your videos with your face in them while narrating.

Apart from that, you can also add music, subtitles, transitions, etc., further making your video compelling to watch.

So let's see how to create a screenshot video using a screen recorder.

And as we mentioned above that, we will be using free tools for every process in this article. For screen recording also we will be using some of the best free tools available in the market.

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How to make a screenshot video?

Best free screen recorders for making a screenshot video:

  • Quicktime Player
  • Microsoft Game Bar
  • Vmaker

Generally, OBS (an open-source, free screen recorder) always gets included in the free screen recorders list. Still, since we are looking at a task that requires a simple tool without any complications or learning curves but at the same time will help us get our job done, we have not included OBS in this list. 

Screen RecorderInternal Audio RecordingBuilt-In Video EditorScreen AnnotationsScreenshotsSupports (OS)
Windows GamebarYesNoNoYesWindows
VmakerYesYesYesNoMac/ Windows/ Chromebook

If you look at the table above, you can see that Vmaker fares well against all the free screen recorders, and here are some of the additional features that you get with Vmaker:

How to create a screenshot video using Vmaker

  • Step 1

Collect all the necessary screenshots in a folder and arrange them in your desired order.

Screenshots in a folder
  • Step 2

Now select all the screenshots under that folder and open them all together.

Screenshots in local
  • Step 3

You will see a preview window. Now open Vmaker screen recorder on your system, and:

Click on “Screen + Webcam” mode to record your video with a webcam bubble, or just click on “Screen” mode to do a standard screen recording.

Screen + Webcam mode to record your video with a webcam bubble
  • Step 4

Click “Start Recording” and maximize your preview window. If you make mistakes while recording, you can always use our AI video editor to make corrections.

Start Recording

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  • Step 5

Now use the right arrow button on your keyboard to advance to the next screenshot while narrating and recording.

Tip: Use the drawing tool to highlight critical points

how to create a video screenshot
  • Step 6

Click on the red dock button to stop your recording. Now your video will be automatically uploaded to your Vmaker cloud account, from where you can edit, download, and share your video.

Screenshoting a Video

That's all about creating a video out of screenshots.

Now, let’s say you want to capture something on your screen, but a screenshot just isn’t sufficient. You need something more dynamic, or you need to show subtle changes or just want to save a video without the hassle of downloading it. Let’s see how we can do that in the next section!

How to screen record a video playing on your computer?

To screen capture a video playing on your computer, again, you can use Vmaker’s free screen recorder. Just follow these capture a video:

  • Step 1

Start Vmaker on your computer, select the “Screen” mode, and click on “Full-Screen Recording.”

  • Step 2

Go to the Options, and under preferences, click on enable “Use system audio”. This will allow you to record internal audio.

  • Step 3

Click on the “Start Recording” button and play the desired video in full-screen mode.

  • Step 4 

Once you stop recording, your video will be automatically uploaded to your private cloud account, from where you can edit your video.

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