How to Screen Record on MacBook with Sound

Record your screen, webcam, or both seamlessly with sound using Vmaker

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Screen Record on MacBook with Sound using Vmaker

  • Signup to the Vmaker. You will now be taken to the dashboard.
  • Click on the Download Vmaker button and choose Vmaker for Mac.
  • Once you finish installing Vmaker, open the app from the Downloads section.
  • A popup window will appear (as shown in the video)
  • Select the mode of recording—Screen, webcam, or both.
  • Pick the area of the screen recording. It can be the full screen, a window, or a custom area
  • Enable the Microphone & turn on the System Audio as needed. Use features like screen annotation, AI-Powered virtual background, and mouse emphasis.
  • Voila! Start recording

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Effortless Screen Recording on MacBook with Sound using Vmaker

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"User Friendly and Does a Phenomenal Job capturing everything you need"

The quality of the output once you finish recording is top-notch. Very intuitive and made it a breeze for me to do quick videos for clients and was easy to share to them across multiple mediums.

Edna H.
Managing Partner

"Need to record? Vmaker is the tool!"

I like the possibility of saving the screen and also having video of myself explaining. I love to share my browser and show what I'm doing to my clients. It's great versus other similar apps, the chrome extension works wonderfully!

Santiago R.
Docente administración de empresas

"More intuitive to use than Loom and VidYard, plus has virtual background, More reliable than vidyard"

Good UI. Virtual backgrounds are great, editor is very easy to use. Seems to be very reliable so far (some of the other online tools glitch out and fail)

Yishai R.
Founder, Brand Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple screen recorders for Mac available in the market but Vmaker comes with exciting features like screen annotations, mouse emphasis, virtual background, etc., to help you record high-quality videos.

Using Mac’s in-built screen recorder, it’s impossible to record your screen along with the sound or internal audio. But with Vmaker, you can record the internal and microphone audio without any hindrance.

You need to look for a screen recorder that has important features which QuickTime does not have. A screen recorder with a scheduler, internal audio, webcam layouts, cloud-storage options, etc., would be a good choice.

On MacBook, you can just press Shift +command + 5 to record your screen. If you are using any other screen recorder like Vmaker, click on the Start Recording button in the control menu.

MacBook computers come with a built-in screen recording feature called QuickTime. QuickTime Player is the application that can be used for screen recording, and it's available on all Macs running macOS X Snow Leopard or later. However, QuickTime has some limitations such as no webcam recording, no audio-only recording, no live streaming support, and no annotation features. If you require additional features for a better screen recording experience, you can use advanced Mac screen recording software like Vmaker. Vmaker offers additional features such as recording your screen with audio, editing your videos, adding annotations, and sharing options.

If you are using QuickTime Player for screen recording, press the Command (⌘) + Control (^) + Esc keys simultaneously. This keyboard shortcut will instantly stop the screen recording. If you are using any other screen recorder like Vmaker, click on the Stop Recording button in the control menu.

Effortless Screen Recording on MacBook with Sound using Vmaker

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