How Videos Can Help You Offer Personalized Support and Improve Customer Satisfaction!

A recent report by the Harvard Business Review suggests that customers who found a solution to their problems turn to be more loyal to the brands than those who had to wait for a resolution. As a business entity, you need to build your customer base and remain engaged and loyal to the brand. Research suggests that over 86% of buyers are willing to pay a higher price for a better customer experience, and that's a point that businesses cannot afford to ignore. 

Brands need to build an omnichannel presence, which will help brands map customer journeys better and resolve customer challenges. Besides building brand loyalty, a better customer experience is also known to boost sales. Studies suggest that 49% of the customers will make an impulsive purchase if they have a personalized experience. And a study by Walker found that customer experience will take precedence over product and price as the key differentiator for brands in the years to come. 

Creating an omnichannel customer experience will ensure that the support services are abreast with the customer's challenges, customer journey, and past tickets. While most organizations are already doing it, customers are looking for offbeat solutions to their problems.

So, what are some ways to engage your customer's support queries innovatively?

Personalize Your Interactions

Videos bring a human touch to your customer interaction. And this would engage your customers better than any bot ever could. So, while you try to onboard a customer, explain the process through a walk-through video. You can add snippets of your screen and your voice. Yes, record using your microphone instead of a bot to your video, and that would make your videos go the extra mile.

According to Forrester, 75 percent of the users are more likely to watch a video than read a document. Besides this, a European-based company's research suggests that using video led to 80% of customers creating their self-service payment account after the 500,000 personalized customer support videos they sent out. So, here's how you could use videos to your advantage.

Troubleshoot With Video

Customer complaints arise when your users hit a roadblock. They might not understand how the tool works, how to request for a particular service, or there might be a bug in your tool. Whatever it is, every time your customer reports a bug or has questions, how about using a video to resolve their queries? Yes, you could use videos for more than just onboarding new customers and branding your product. You could use videos to resolve customer issues, troubleshoot their problems, and so much more by having a video-based FAQ section. 

You can use Vmaker to create these interactive videos that record both your screen and video simultaneously. And while doing so, you could demonstrate to your customer how they could solve their challenges. This way, your audience will find the content more engaging, interactive, and helpful. And will result in better customer retention and brand loyalty.

Collect Video Tickets

Customers might not be able to explain the issue they are facing in a clear manner. And this leads to a delay in resolving the query, which further frustrates them. However, there is a smart and efficient way to deal with this. You could ask your customers to use Vmaker to record their screen and share the issue with you as a video link.

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As the video does not have to be emailed, your customer will not end up exhausting vast amounts of data and strain their bandwidth. At the same time, your technical team will understand the root cause of the issue better and resolve queries instantly. 

Pro tip: Use a help desk software and combine customer requests/tickets with videos to offer the best possible support to your clients.

These are just a handful of ways in which videos could help you personalize your customer support services. Besides these, there are many more innovative ways like presenting a product demo, sending cold sales video emails, etc, in which your business could embrace video-based communication. So, why not explore it all with Vmaker?

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