How to Increase Feature Adoption with Explainer Videos Using Vmaker

Your product is like an amusement park, and its features are like rides inside it.

As long as your rides are good, the customers are going to keep coming back. A solid product with an excellent feature list will ensure a higher product adoption rate.

Let’s take this amusement park example a little further from here.

There is one ride in your amusement park that hardly has any visitors. Not because it’s not good, but because the visitors don’t know about it.

Will your ride get more visitors if you make it easier for them to locate the ride? The answer is most likely YES.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that a higher product adoption doesn’t naturally guarantee a higher feature adoption. It is important to learn that if “x” number of customers are using the product, how many of them are actively using a particular feature. This becomes even more crucial if your product feature gives you a competitive edge in the market.

There are numerous steps that you can take to increase feature adoption, but to keep this blog focused and short, we will explore how videos can be helpful.

But, before we hop into that, let’s start with the basics.

What is feature adoption?

Simply put, feature adoption is how your customers are interacting with a particular feature in your product. If a lot of your customers use a particular feature, then it has a high feature adoption rate. If the usage is on the lower side, then the feature adoption rate is low.

The reason you should keep a tab on feature adoption is that it gives you a clear idea about -

1) how many users are accepting a new feature
2) how long do they use it
3) how often they use it

Why videos can be helpful in increasing feature adoption?

Videos are a great way of reaching to your customers for educating about a feature and slowly persuading them to use it. Due to the visual element, it’s easy to explain the working of a feature in a video instead of writing a blog on it.

With the attention span of the users depleting to 8 seconds, this idea works even better. A lot of companies and marketers have identified this opportunity, and probably this is the reason why 73% of the videos created are explainer videos.

How should you create a explainer video?

There are a ton of ways of creating explainer videos, but here are the 7 most common types of explainer videos used by companies.  However, before you get started with a particular kind, we recommend talking to your team and understanding what resources you have to get started with video making. If you can assign a good budget, a dedicated team, and have ample amount of time for the production and post-production of the video, then any of the above techniques will work for you.

In this part of the blog, we will take the road less traveled by understanding how screen recording can be helpful to create videos that can enhance feature adoption.

Explainer Video making with Vmaker

Vmaker is a screen recording tool that records your screen and face simultaneously. With Vmaker, you can create and edit explainer videos without spending a lot of time and money. This means that you don’t have to hire a team separately or invest on other expensive tools to produce videos. Another reason why using a video communication tool like a screen recorder is a great idea is that in spite of being asynchronous in nature, it’s personal and hits the chord.

Now, let’s take a look at how Vmaker can help you to create explainer videos to improve feature adoption- 

Record 4k videos

Super High Quality Shea Whitney GIF from Superhighquality GIFs

The last thing that you want your users to look at is a grainy explainer video. Video quality is very important for customers as almost 62% of them are likely to have a negative impression on the brand if the video quality is poor. To counteract this, at Vmaker, you can record videos up to 4K clarity. This means that the users can clearly see your screen when you’re recording it. If you’re clicking on a button, a drop-down menu, or a checkbox, you can be well assured that it is visible clearly

Eliminate noise

We all are accustomed to using and working on different apps. While we can have a control on when to use the apps, there is very little we can do to control the notifications. Disabling them forever is not very practical, but when you’re making a video it can cause a hindrance. The Do Not Disturb mode of Vmaker is designed to help video makers to cut out the notification pop-ups from the videos. This feature gets even more handy when you’re creating a personalized feature demo for a customer.

Highlight areas

Remember we talked about the declining attention span of the population somewhere earlier in this post? Let’s talk about it again. Even if you’re making a single feature video, there is some chance that a user may pay enough attention to recollect the content later. With the help of the annotation feature of Vmaker, you can draw lines, arrows, and other symbols to specifically highlight crucial parts in the videos. Coupled with this, the mouse click emphasis helps the customer track the movement of the mouse. This works really well when you’re recording an entire screen and there are a lot of options to click on it.

Edit professionally

You can always hire an external agency or spend hundreds of dollars on a video editing tool to get the final clean-cut video. But, I guarantee that if you get an easy-to-use in-built video editor in the same video making tool, you will go ahead with the latter option. We resonate with this feeling, and that’s the reason we have a fully capable video editor inside Vmaker. You can use the editor to cut, trim or resize the video so that when you share it with your users it’s in a pristine form.

Final words

If your customers are not aware of a feature in your product or they don’t know how to use it, then you need to act fast. In this competitive arena of business, losing out a customer can be a costly affair. Making videos to educate your users is a brilliant and probably the most effective technique.

You can create videos that resonate with your brand, team and resource availability. But, if you want to look at one of the easiest ways to create videos, then you have to consider screen recording. Screen recording videos serve the purpose without taking a lot of time or spending a lot of money.

These screen recording videos get even better when you use a tool like Vmaker. The right mix of features helps you to create videos in a professional way. To try your hand at Vmaker, you can head over to the Sign up page and create an account in the forever free plan.

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