How to Record High Quality Product Demo Videos for YouTube?

Nowadays, before agreeing to purchase something, be it a consumer product or software, people prefer to do their own research on the product or offering. Previous approaches used by companies seem to no longer function as ratings, and testimonials no longer create the same trust with the audience as they used to. In a fast-paced world, people actually don't have the time to read about goods or to get on sales calls in most situations. 

A new study reveals that 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than learn about it. This is where product demo videos come in these videos help you clarify your product and offer to the full in an entertaining and engaging way that creates confidence and reputation among potential customers. By putting your product on a demo on YouTube, you mean that there is nothing concealed about your product offering. This is just what the modern consumer wants from the commodity.

What’s the big deal about youtube product demo videos?

Here are some numbers that will further convenience you about the fact why youtube product demo videos play a crucial role in the buyer journey of any B2B and B2C brand. 

  •  84 percent of customers report being convinced to buy a product or service after watching a demo video. 
  • 73% More Visitors Who Watch Product Videos Will Buy
  • 71% of Consumers Think Video Explains the Product Better
  • 58% of Shoppers Think Companies with Product Videos Can Be Trusted
  • 4 in 5 consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important.
  • Product demo videos are one of the three most effective video types with an effectiveness percentage of 49% according to Forbes. 

Best practices in recording youtube product demo video

The first thing that one should do before recording a product demo video is to fixate on the target audience and what you want to convey out of the demo video. 

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Some of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself are what are we conveying through the demo video? Do we convey all of the product offerings in one video or produce a demo video just for a specific pain point that you’re solving. 

Arrive at a powerful product demo video script

One of the most important aspects of a demo video that is often ignored or not given enough attention is the script. A product can have 100’s of features which cannot be conveyed in a single video. If you do so then the audience will be confused with the solution that you’re offering which is not a win-win situation for anyone. So a powerful script with an optimal recording time that covers all the MVP features is pretty much essential for any good product demo video. 

Pro tip: Ensure that you’re conveying the pain point first and then the solution which would be a feature of your product. This will resonate with your audience better as they’re looking for a solution to their problem and not sit and watch features that you’re offering. 

Decide on the recording mode

There isn’t one right way to record a product video. It could be completely animated, live-action or both. This being said the whole purpose of a product demo video is to showcase your product and it is better to have a live-action model that connects well with your audience and builds trust. 

Pro tip: A live video narration through your webcam instead of just audio will make your product demo video even more personal.

Choose the recording software

There are tons of product demo video recording software that’s available on the market. Choose the one that lets you record your video as per your script. Nailing the product demo video in terms of quality and clarity is very important and you shouldn’t compromise on this fact. 

Pro tip: Look for an all in one solution that helps you to do everything in a single tool - Recording, editing, sharing through a single app would make your product demo video creation a piece of a cakewalk.

Now comes the question, Is there a single tool to record, edit, and share your youtube product demo videos?

The answer is yes. We created Vmaker for the exact same purpose, to create engaging product demo videos that your audience would love which further increases the chances of conversion. 

When we say made for the exact same purpose we actually meant it. Vmaker comes with a whole lot of features. Actually not features but solutions that simplify your youtube demo video recording features. 

Now record your screen, camera, or both at the highest quality of 4K with both system and microphone audio of your choice. It only gets better, while recording you can highlight mouse clicks, annotate on the screen all of which further increases the engaging factor of your videos making your audience hooked to your demo. 

Don’t worry while you record we don’t throw a message saying you have exceeded the recording limit in the free version. Vmaker lets you record product demo for as long as you want even in the free version.

Once you’re done with your recording you can edit them instantly with a built-in video editing suite that lets you edit with ease and upload them on youtube effortlessly!

So what are you waiting for go on record engaging product demo videos for youtube using Vmaker and accelerate your brand credibility amongst your audience.

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