How Personalized Product Demo Videos Can Be Engaging and Help Increase Conversion Rate With Leads

A recent study suggests that your website visitors take just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website. And in that time, they decide if they want to explore your website further or leave. If hundreds of visitors decide to leave your website every day this way, it would significantly increase your website's bounce rate and thereby Google rankings. 

In other words, we could say that not judging a book by its cover does not apply to the online world as people judge your business based on how your website looks. So, all you have is 0.05 seconds to make a lasting impression on your audience and keep them hooked to the website. 

In short, you will have to create an engaging website which appeals to the user instantly. And once you have done that, it is important to engage them with your product or service offerings so that they wish to understand you better and do business with you. 

A recent study found that out of 221 subjects, only 11 were verbal learners, while 105 were visual learners. This means that you would lose your audience's interest if you add too much text to your website. 

How To Fix This?

You could make this reduced attention span to your advantage by using engaging graphics, design, and videos. 85% of the website visitors who watch a video are likely to buy a product or service compared to those who don't watch a product video.

And while we are talking about creating a website that engages your audience, make sure you know how to make a website that's responsive. According to a survey, 57% of internet users wouldn't recommend a website with a bad website design when viewed on handheld devices. So, focus on making your website engaging and responsive to the visitors.

Should You Have Videos On Your Website?

Well, Videos are a great way to engage your audience and help them understand your product or service video better. However, having too many videos and high-resolution images could impact the loading time on your website. Did you know that over 39% of internet users will leave a website if the images and videos take too long to load?

So, you should first evaluate if your business needs a video basing on the verticle and industry you serve. We say so because customers have certain expectations from companies which might impact their purchasing decision. So, it is essential to understand what your customers expect and create a video that matches your website visitor's needs. 

Why Product Demo Videos Work?

The Human Element

Product demo videos have a human face, a personal touch, and an interactive element that engages your user. It connects your brand with the customer in ways that images, screenshots, and texts can never do. It leaves your website visitors with a feeling of interacting with your brand to understand what you do and how. And that's the first step toward creating qualified leads that translate into customers. 

Tip: When using a website builder or working with a web developer, make sure to include a product video as part of your checklist.

The Brand Story

While most people see product videos as just an explanation and selling pitch for the product, experts believe there is more to it. A great product video tells a story, explains the brand vision, and the reason you came up with the product. Stories help create meaningful experiences, and customers continuously look for brands that could make a difference in their lives. 

So, when you create a product video, focus on more than just selling it. Tell the story of what led to the creation of the product, the passion and idea behind it, the problems it solves, and how you are different from the rest. Include a human element and weave a story around it. And you would soon see how your product videos convert visitors to customers.


We would all agree that a video is a better way to learn and understand a business than reading through huge chunks of text. And with businesses having cross border operations, a video would help you break the geographical and language barriers better than text ever could. Your audience will understand your business better by watching a video, than reading through several pages of text. And given that text could be interpreted differently and caters to only the educated sections of the society, video is definitely an asset. 

Besides that, a video is relatively shorter and to the point. And a product video would make it seem easier to use your product or service, which would prompt the user to convert from a website visitor to a lead to a buyer. As numerous social media platforms encourage video sharing, a single product demo video could be repurposed and used on various platforms, including your social media handles and emailers.

Yes, you could send a video as an emailer if you were to create it with Vmaker, which lets you share the video as a link. That way, your recipients will not have to deal with the hassle of downloading huge files while reaping video communication benefits. 

Have more questions on creating an impactful video? Let us know in the comments section. Do not forget to explore Vmaker to unleash the power of product demo videos for your business!

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