Creating YouTube Tutorials Here's How a Single Tool Could Help You Do It Better!

Youtube is a platform we have all visited thousands of times for entertainment, learning, and exploring a whole new world. Youtube has over two billion users currently, with 79% of the internet users having an account on the platform. So, where does all this content come from, and how do people create it? And what's the most popular content format on this platform? If data from the Youtube Creators Academy is to go by, How-to videos and tutorials are the second most popular content type on Youtube. 

Why Are Video Tutorials Popular?

The reason for this is simple: videos solve many barriers to learning that print form has. For instance, you need not be proficient or even understand the tutorial's language because you can learn by watching the person walk you through the process. 

Videos are better engaging and create a sensory experience that is impossible to create using text and images. As a Youtube content creator, you can use videos' power to share knowledge and build awareness and engagement about your brand.

It would provide visual documentation of your product for your customers to understand it better. Research suggests that over 72% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product through a video. And over the years, videos have moved beyond just Vimeo and Youtube. Every social media platform, from Facebook to Twitter, now supports video. 

How to Get Started?

Well, now that you know that how-to videos work wonders, it's time to start working on content for your channel. The work for this begins by identifying the problem you are trying to solve. Youtube has how-to videos for every life situation, including opening a door, turning on a switch, crying, and even sleeping. And the fun part is, each of these videos has over a million views. With a million views, you can earn pay of around $2,000 and $40,000 depending on your content's popularity. That's a lot of money, and it comes as no surprise that thousands of people create content out there. 

While it might seem like a simple task to create YouTube videos, it involves many tools, software, and investment. For beginners, you need a good camera or a video recording device, an audio recorder, a screen recorder if you are doing a how-to video for a game or software. Besides that, you also need a video editor, an animation tool, a picture editor, and so on. 

Creating YouTube Tutorials

However, to do this all, you might have to invest in many tools, learn them, or take the help of professionals. All of which might burn a hole into your pocket. So, what's the way out? Well, most Youtubers count on the numerous free editing and recording tools available online. 

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The One-Stop-Shop

While these free tools do sound interesting, you will still spend a lot of time exploring and finding the ones that meet your needs the best. So, wouldn't it be amazing if there was a one-stop-shop? A tool that could help you seamlessly go through creating and editing videos all in one place?

Would you believe us if we told you that one such tool exists and thousands of people have already begun using it? Vmaker is a screen and video recording and editing tool that lets you record both microphone and screen voice. Besides that, you could also host videos, share your output as a link, add animation effects, and so much more! 

And because all this comes to you as a single tool, there's not much learning you need to do here. Yes, you wouldn't need a how-to video to create your how-to videos using Vmaker. But hey, if you still need help, don't worry. Here's a video that would walk you through the process. 

Vmaker tutorial | How to use Vmaker

With a single tool doing all the jobs for you, you can start your Youtube journey now and cruise your way to success. Explaining complicated concepts is no longer a tough task! So, go on, explore, and get started!

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