Introducing Vmaker of the Month - A Community Initiative


Surya - June 1, 2021 - Leave your thoughts.

Hello to all the pro Vmakers out there, we have some fascinating news to share with you!

Moving forward, each month we will be picking up one user as the ‘Vmaker of the Month’. The chosen one will receive a special spotlight and many other benefits. 

If you are new to the community read more for detailed understanding. 

The Vmaker Community

Vmaker has a public and private community of users where we share our use cases, suggestions, feedback of the tool, and even some random growth hacks. 

The community is currently present as a Facebook group for all enthusiasts and as a closed Slack group for all the Vmaker users. 

Through this community, you get to meet other users who share a similar use case and learn how they are using Vmaker to get the best out of it for their business. 

If you haven’t joined, make sure you sign up right away!

About Vmaker of the Month

Belinda was our very first Vmaker of the month!
Belinda was our very first Vmaker of the month!
She has recorded a whopping 128 videos so far🚀

Vmaker of the Month is an initiative from the Vmaker team to give back to our community members. We have decided that each month, we will choose one user based on their contribution to the community and product including the product usage, the outcome they have generated with Vmaker, and the suggestions or feedback they have shared with the team to improve the tool.

Based on these criteria, the winner is chosen and they get a special spotlight from our team. 

Here are some giveaways the winner takes home

Be the special guest in our monthly webinar series, where the winner can share their journey in using the tool, about their business and the kind of impact they have produced. Be a part of our shout out campaign on our social media and our community posts.

They will also be the star of the email newsletter that week to our 12,000+ (and growing) Vmaker users

What more? They also get some exclusive offers from Vmaker! A free upgrade may be? Keep guessing ;)

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