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Add Screen recordings to your Animaker videos
Lakshmanan Raman

- August 11, 2022

Add Screen Recording To Your Animaker

Hi Makers, the next big thing Video creators think apart from ‘How to create a video’ is ‘How to make my video engaging’. Believe me, it doesn’t matter the number of hours you put into creating a video, if it is not engaging enough the efforts go in vain.  One of the ways to make […]


The 8 top SaaS affiliate programs to start your side hustle
Lakshmanan Raman

- March 16, 2022

SaaS affiliate programs

Looking for some of the best affiliate deals in the market? Check out this blog where we have cherry-picked and added the best affiliate deals.


Growth Plan for your SaaS
Growth Plan for your SaaS in 2022

Looking for a growth plan for your SaaS business? In this blog you will learn the key growth metrics to track and how to plan-growth activities in the long term.


Video Content Strategy for 2023 with Camille Trent
Lakshmanan Raman

- December 15, 2021

Video Content Strategy for 2023 with Camille Trent Video content consumption has been on the rise over the last 3 years and we can all be sure that the trend will continue in the upcoming year as well. With this in mind, I wanted to understand how different brands are preparing to use this trend […]


Video Content Marketing Strategy for 2023 – Funneling up with Camille Trent
video content marketing strategy

Learn about the upcoming trends in video marketing for 2022 as Camille Trent from Dooly shares her journey and valuable insights.