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9 skills to look for while hiring an instructional designer
instructional designer skill

Employee training will soon become a part of workplace benefits for most of the companies. Other than medical insurance and 401K plans, companies have to start allocating a budget to train their employees from time to time. While this might sound costly, in the longer run companies stand to profit from employee retention. Here’s how. […]

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ADDIE Vs SAM: Which Learning Methodology Is Better For Design?
ADDIE vs SAM feature banner

ADDIE VS SAM: In this post, we explain the key differences between ADDIE & SAM, analyse the pros & cons, and help you choose the best iterative design model.

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Employee upskilling and attrition rate – What L & D managers should know about?
Employee upskilling and attrition rate

78% of the employees who resigned from their job recently (or were planning to resign) have either taken an online course or were enrolled in one. This is one of the key takeaways from the What’s Next for the “Great Resigners,” Nov, 2021 report by the Cengage group. But, why? Because it helps them find […]

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Why are people leaving their jobs?
Tanoy Chowdhury

- July 16, 2022

Why employees are leaving their job

The global economy is slowly recovering from the harrowing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. After witnessing a drop of 3.4% in global GDP in 2020, which is a little less than 3 trillion US Dollars, the global economy is showing optimistic signs of growth. In 2021, the global market grew by 5.6% and is forecasted […]

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6 proven techniques to pick the right e-learning tools to satisfy every stakeholder
elearning tools

E-learning tools are like friends to learning and development professionals. Learning is a complex process. There are multiple factors at play here: Drafting the curriculum, arranging for subject-matter experts (SME), planning the course and finally, delivering the assessment. Trying to keep track of all of this in a notebook or a spreadsheet can give anyone […]

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