A Free Screen Recorder that Records 720p Videos

You can now screen record in 720p quality for free.

This means that if you were paying a premium for screen recording high quality videos, then it’s time to cancel your paid subscription and move to Vmaker.

Vmaker is a free screen recorder that can not just record in 720p quality, but also offer advanced features that other screen recorders provide for a premium price.

How can you use Vmaker?

Vmaker is available for Windows and Mac computers. You can download the app for free from the Vmaker website and start using it immediately.

You can watch this video to understand the step-by-step process of using the Windows or Mac app.

Looks interesting? Why don’t you get started right now?

Download the Mac Screen Recorder

Download the Windows Screen Recorder

But, if you enjoy or prefer recording high quality videos from your browser, then the Vmaker Chrome extension is going to be an excellent choice for you. Like the Windows and Mac app, the Chrome extension is free too.

Here’s a video on how you can install the Chrome extension -

What makes Vmaker one of the best free screen recorders?

Vmaker compatible for both Windows and macOS makes it convenient for most users looking for a free Mac or Windows screen recorder. But, it gets even better from here as we take you through a few highlights of Vmaker

No watermark on videos

This truly sets us apart from other free screen recorders. There is no Vmaker watermark on any video that you record. There are no hidden conditions - record, download, and share as many videos you like without worrying about product branding

Recording quality

You can record in 720p quality in the free plan. But, you can also switch between different recording qualities like 360p or 480p if that’s a priority for you. If you decide to upgrade, well you can then record in 4K HD quality by paying just $7/month

4k HD quality for $7/month - Do you want to explore this plan?

Yes, take me to the pricing page

No, I will pass

Record with audio

Built-in PC free screen recorders like Xbox GameBar and QuickTime player do not record audio while screen recording. With Vmaker, you can record your microphone audio just by plugging it to your PC. Vmaker will automatically identify the mic and sync the audio with video recording

Record screen + webcam

The screen + webcam feature allows you to make your videos more personal. Because it can record the screen while recording your face and voice at the same time. This is useful for giving personal feedback or creating content for YouTube

Free video editor

With the free built-in video editor you can trim, rotate and resize your video. These are basic editing features, but can be very useful in the final production phase. You’re going to love this editor because unlike others, the interface looks more welcoming and easy on the eyes

Cloud storage

You get unlimited cloud storage in the free plan. This means you can save as many videos as you like. Even if you’re using Vmaker on different OS and devices, all your video recordings will be saved at a single location

What are the best use cases for using the free version of Vmaker?

Game screen recording

For Gamers, Vmaker is like the perfect free screen recorder. It can record high definition games without hiccups, record webcam and audio. Gamers who record gameplay videos a lot along with voice commentary, Vmaker is a complete-packaged solution

YouTube videos recording

This is one of the best use cases of Vmaker. Watched a very enjoyable video on YouTube? Or a workout video which you use for later? Fire up the Vmaker app, choose the recording mode, and allow the audio settings - your recording will be ready

Meeting recorder

People tend to miss out on details in back to back meetings. Even if they’re 100% attentive, It’s challenging to remember everything. With Vmaker, you can record your Zoom meetings, Teams or Google Meet meetings without taking any permission or letting anyone know about it

What’s next?

If 720p quality recording is what you’re looking for in a free screen recorder, then there’s no reason for you to not try Vmaker. The extra set of features will not just help you record, but also edit the video and share it with others.

As a next step, you can download the Vmaker app based on your OS. Or, you can also try the Chrome extension, which is OS-agnostic.


How can I record my screen for free?

You can download the Vmaker app or install the Chrome extension to record videos for free in 720p quality. No payment is required. Use your Gmail or Facebook account to create an account and start recording videos instantly.

What free screen recorder do Youtubers use?

YouTubers usually use a free screen recorder like Vmaker because it can record screen, webcam and audio at the same time. It also records video in 720p quality, comes with a built-in editor and has unlimited cloud storage.

What is the best free game recorder?

The best free screen recorder is the one that can record high definition games while recording voice and webcam. There are many options available in the market, and Vmaker stands as one of the best free screen recorders. There are no watermarks on the videos, or any limit on how many videos you can record. It also comes with a built-in video editor that makes it perfect for making final edits to the video.

Are the Video Editing Tools Free to Use?

Sadly, not every video editing tool is free. They usually charge a premium amount for editing videos. If budget is a constraint, you can check out Vmaker. It’s a free screen recorder, but it comes with a built-in video editor. It means you can not just edit videos, but also record them for free

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