Create Screen Recording Videos in 720p for Free with Vmaker Lite Plan

We’ve made the Vmaker Lite plan too good to be true. Yes, Vmaker users on the Lite plan can now record videos in up to 720p Full HD for free! And, just like before, there’s no limitation on the number of recordings.

Why did we do this?

With a rapid increase in the number of active and new users, we wanted our freemium users to truly be able to experience the power of high-quality videos. With the option to record in 720p, Vmakers will now be able to record professional-looking videos for their communication, tutorials, and YouTube content. 

Your videos look professional with HD quality

First of all, recording your videos in high quality makes your videos look professional. They also help grab the attention of the viewer and improve the possibility of delivering your entire content to the viewer. A video with better quality improves the engagement of your videos if it’s a tutorial or content for entertainment / educational purposes. Videos in HD quality are likely to have an average viewing duration of 45% or more. 

There’s no one else like Vmaker

Vmaker is the first product in the market to offer 720p recording in the free plan. Anyone who signs up for Vmaker can fully leverage the free plan of Vmaker for any purpose and choose to upgrade if they have the need to use the unique features that are on offer. 

How to get started?

To start recording in 720p, please make sure that you are on the latest version of the Vmaker Chrome Extension / Mac application

To update the Chrome plug-in, all you have to do is quit your chrome browser and relaunch it. To update the Vmaker Mac Application, either click on update in the application preferences or just force quit and relaunch the application.

☛ Bonus Guide: Step by Step Guide Screen Recorder

You can turn on auto-update under preferences in the Vmaker Chrome Plug-in and the Mac Application. Once you're on the latest version of Vmaker, launch the application, and under-recording resolution, select 720p and click on start recording. You can also choose to record in 480p or 360p should you wish.

Just like before, there is no restriction on the number of videos you can record. However, the Lite plan users will only be able to see the last 30 videos they have recorded on their dashboard.

Looking for Vmaker Tutorial?

Check out Vmaker Tutorial Centre and get started.

Start recording right away!

Go ahead and start recording videos on Vmaker. The easy-to-use interface and robust recording technology are sure to give you one of the best recording experiences out there. You can always get in touch with our team through the 24X7 live chat support to have your concerns answered. With that said, it’s time to get, set, and start recording! 

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