Why Product Videos Play a Big Role in Signups and Conversions

A well-made video feels like poetry in motion, and believe it or not, everybody likes to hear, or in our case, watch captivating poetry. It’s a no-brainer when I ask you: what would you prefer out of watching the news or reading a newspaper? Most of you would automatically gravitate towards the former because reading is a cumbersome task in a world with an increasingly diminishing attention span.

Videos tell stories, and what your business and its products/services need are short and crisp stories to make their way into the psyche of prospective customers. Videos can play a vital role in influencing the decision-making process of customers in favor of a given product or service. Persuasion and good product videos go hand in hand. Even Google loves videos since videos appear in about 70% of search results in the top 100 result listings. Not only that, a majority percentage (upwards of 60%) of people admit to being more likely to buy a product after watching a video, according to several surveys. 

Undoubtedly, in the wake of such influential value and prevalence of videos, it only becomes logical to focus on video marketing as one of the anchoring strategies in the overall marketing plan of any business. 

Would you want to learn more about the role of product videos in marketing? If yes, then keep reading!

We will take a deep dive into the world of video marketing and discuss the reasons behind such a high success rate of well-made and thought-out videos. We will also elaborate on tips on how to stand out and make your video marketing strategy one that drives conversions and signups. So without further ado, let’s begin. 

What are Product Videos?

Simply put, a video highlighting the features, quirks, and uniqueness of your product/service — all while showing it in action — qualifies for a product video. A product video is easily the most preferred way to make your prospective customers learn more about the product/service on offer; because of the ease that comes with videos in terms of comprehensively demonstrating what a product could do to add value to your life. 

Videos play an even more crucial role in giving a platform to businesses that don’t have a physical presence in terms of stores or even their products (services such as software troubleshooting, etc.) Videos figure among the top strategies in the decision stage of the buyer’s funnel. Videos help provide that final impetus in convincing a buyer to invest in a product or service. 

What sets product videos apart?

Out of all the media that we use for promoting a product, videos dramatically reduce the time a prospective buyer spends in understanding that product. The best part about videos is the ease of consuming them. Life in the modern day is too hectic for taking time out to read long product descriptions to dig deep into products or services. 

Customers today want to see a product in action — videos do just that, and more. Videos can even capture the interest of the laziest of the customers. Videos can educate, persuade and entertain, or even all of them at the same time. Some of the characteristics that set videos apart from the other media are going to discuss below: 

1. Videos build trust: 

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful business venture. It is the foundation of signups and conversions. Building trust is a prerequisite for any successful business strategy or marketing campaign. As a matter of fact, content marketing hinges on the idea of building trust and fostering lasting business-consumer relationships. Driving more traffic is the end goal of any digital marketing strategy, but it cannot divorce itself from the need of gaining a prospect’s trust and their confidence in your product/service. 

Videos can be trusted to lay a foundation for this trust. Videos, as also mentioned above, can elicit emotions and engage our attention span. Effective videos help in convincing consumers against being skeptical about shopping online for the fear of cheating and fraud. When video campaigns are pitched as promotional content on mediums like YouTube, Instagram, etc., on the pages of famous content creators — the outreach and trustability of a service/product dramatically increase.

2. Videos enhance user engagement:

Videos are superior tools for learning as they grab our attention through both auditory and visual mediums. There’s a tsunami of content on the internet, fighting to grab our attention — but videos stand apart. The reason behind this is the ability of video in building a narrative, narrating a story, eliciting emotions, and provoking action more effectively than any other form of content.

Engagement is a direct reflection of your consumer’s emotional connection to your brand and the products/services it offers, and videos ace the test of building this connection.  

Let’s look at a few statistics to understand how effective videos are when it comes to user engagement: 

  • People stay 2.6x longer on a page that contains a video (according to Wistia)
  • Up to 2 minutes long videos get the most engagement (according to Wistia)
  • 55% of people thoroughly consume videos — the highest number for any form of content (according to HubSpot)
  • Facebook is the most impactful social media platform for videos — 8.4x higher than any other social media (according to Animoto)             
  • Videos are 3x more likely to be retweeted than GIFs and 6x more likely than images (according to Twitter)

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3. Videos provide a solid ROI

Contrary to the misconception that many brands hold against video content — that it is an expensive undertaking — videos are rather affordable and dare I say, inexpensive. Many easy solutions like a product video maker are available to create custom product videos, with numerous options like adding music, captions, voiceovers, etc. There’s not even a dearth of learning material to help make the process of creating videos easier.

Even if brands invest in hiring professionals to create their video content, the return on investment(ROI) that can be extracted out of them is considerably high. As discussed above, better quality videos are more likely to be received well by the customers. Therefore, investing in quality product video content is sure to provide rich dividends and make up handsomely for the cost of creation.

product video maker
Create product videos using Vmaker with ease.

4. Videos provide a comprehensive multichannel experience

Consumers gather information from multiple channels before deciding on investing their money in a product. More than one channel is browsed through thoroughly to compare and match different deals and offers — this has become a standard practice among the majority of online consumers — to help a consumer make an informed choice. 

For example, suppose you moved to a new city and you started looking for a trustworthy and affordable yoga class near you. You begin researching and find a short 10-second video about this yoga and meditation center on a Facebook page. You dig deeper and land on their website where you stumble upon an introduction video that talks about their origin and mission. You are genuinely interested in finding out more about this place before taking a decision, as the previous two videos have stoked your interest. You open the services page and find a video explaining their modules and programs in depth. Now you are more likely to base your decision on multichannel information — this is the power of videos.

Therefore, a business needs to maintain its presence on as many platforms as possible, to facilitate the information collection and purchasing processes — viz. social media platforms, email, website content, and more.

5. Videos get shared more often than any other content

Positive reviews and word of mouth never go out of business, playing a crucial role in driving traffic and translating it into sales. Positive word of mouth can come from various sources, including videos. Interestingly videos are shared 1200% more than any other content on social media, including links, texts and images combined. So, videos really make up social media trends today, and businesses can't simply avoid them.

Thus, video is becoming a mainstay in the realm of marketing for all companies. Moreover, about 80% of consumers are known to trust(according to various surveys) the recommendations of friends and family which means that a social media video share is very likely to contribute to your conversion rate. 

6. Videos disseminate information and help answer questions

Have you recently searched for a food recipe? Or watched a video comparing the features of competing smartphones? Do you rely on videos for basic queries about day-to-day things? The point of these questions is to prove that videos serve as a medium to provide users with information and help them make informed decisions.

A well-made product video seeks to answer questions that prospective buyers may have on their minds — questions that can consciously or subconsciously keep them from converting. Every detail from the working of the product, its description, specifications, and more can be addressed using videos. Therefore, product videos can disseminate information about the various aspects of the product, and ease the decision-making process for consumers.

Best Practices for High-Conversion Video Content Creation

Videos in general capture user attention, but it requires extra effort in making a video that retains that attention to help in product sales or channel subscription. In a sea of readily available video content for your target audience, it is important to leave a lasting impression. We will discuss some tips for creating high-conversion videos below: 

1. Keep the Video Concise, Entertaining, and Fun

Users tend to lose interest very quickly, therefore it’s necessary to hold their attention. The same can be achieved with shorter, more fun, and to-the-point videos. When your video is concise, it covers basic ground without entering the territory of being boring and repetitive. You immediately need to entertain your viewer to make them stay and continue watching your video so that the chances of signups/conversion remain high.

2. Trust Professionals to do the Job for You

It is advisable that you trust and rope in an agency that has the experience and technical expertise to handle video content marketing for you. You can avail of the services of full-service video production companies as they can handle all aspects of video production and marketing, from creative services to delivery logistics.

3. Always Customize a Video’s Thumbnail

Thumbnails are the first point of contact between the user and your video and therefore, they are expected to capture the imagination and interest of a consumer. Make sure that a thumbnail is high resolution and aptly demonstrates the content of the video. It works even better if there’s an overlay call-to-action on it to encourage users to play the video. Thumbnails also appear in the search results; thus, it becomes necessary to make them look like a billion bucks.

4. Call-to-action (CTA) and Videos

In video marketing, the sole purpose of a video is to encourage users to buy a product or to sign up for a service, which makes CTA an important element. CTAs like “Buy Now”, “ Add to Cart”, “Signup”, etc., can improve the chances of getting a conversion. The trick is to keep the CTAs small. Another tip is to add multiple CTAs throughout your video, at different points, to increase the chances even more.

5. Provide Information on the Product

Make sure that you are providing maximum details about your product including shots from all possible good angles. Don’t forget to emphasize the features, ease of use, durability, shipping plus delivery information, and return policy of your product. 

6. Employ Cross-Channel Integrations

Adopting a multi-platform strategy is vital in ensuring the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts. Share your product videos across social media platforms, along with adding social buttons on product pages on your website. Make sure that your product videos are optimized for SEO, complete with tags and titles including keywords. In addition to all of the above, don’t forget to include your product video as a part of your email campaigns.


It must have become abundantly clear by now why videos, in particular product videos, play a crucial role in driving conversions and signups. A well-made video is a very powerful tool because it can capture the imagination of a user, gain their trust, hold their attention and influence their decision making. Any business/company that has learned the ways of harnessing the true potential of video content stands to gain a lot in terms of profit, clout, and a connection with the target audience. Start strategizing your video content plan today. And remember: the best videos are the ones that are simple, short, entertaining, informal, and fun to watch.

product video maker
Create product videos using Vmaker with ease.

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