Screen Recording on Mac for Business and Productivity

Tanoy Chowdhury

Tanoy Chowdhury - February 16, 2023

Fun fact: You’re here because you either searched for the exact keywords in the title. Or you were looking for a Mac screen recorder, and this one just popped up in your search results. Either way, you made the right choice of clicking on the link.

Screen recorders are becoming more popular with businesses. Because businesses are always pressed for time and resources. Screen recorders have the 3-point solution for both these challenges - make quicker videos, keep communication lean and get the best productivity from the employees.

Let’s break it down from here. In the following section, we will explain to you how a single screen recorder can be effectively used to make different forms of videos. We will also tell you how each of them will impact your business and the overall productivity of the employees.

1) Create video tutorials

Video tutorials are useful for both your employees and your customers. Using videos to share instructions is way better than sharing text-heavy and lengthy documents. Because videos are easier to remember, and less laborious.

But if you need to take a video on a MacBook, here comes trouble. To make videos you need the right camera set-up, team of editors and of course, expensive set of software. Screen recorders manage all of that without compromising the quality of the result.

With screen recorders you can record screen along with webcam. The webcam recording is optional, but it’s great for personalization. You can also include audio recording in the video to make it clearer for the viewers.

Tutorial videos will help your employees to learn the internal processes. For example, how to raise an IT ticket if they’re facing issues with their device. On the other hand, customers can get their issues resolved on their own by watching these videos. They don’t have to raise a support ticket every time they get stuck.

How screen-recorded tutorial videos help your business?

Low cost, less pressure on the support team and confident users

How screen-recorded tutorial videos help the productivity of employees?

Employees become self-sufficient in handling daily processes. They can get started on their own instead of starting an email chain for everything.

2) Send video emails

It’s sad that not many businesses send video emails. It’s the easiest way to add more personalization to the communication and get a higher click-through rate. Adding the recipient’s name in the subject line helps, but that’s been around for too long. People are used to seeing emails with their name in the subject line.

With a screen recorder, your sales team can turn on their webcam and record a personalized message for a client. They can also show examples, illustrations or any other visual proof that can do a 10x better job of convincing clients as compared to words.

How video emails help your business?

High potential to convince prospective clients and win their trust. This will help with better conversions and a strong long-term relationship.

How video emails help the productivity of employees?

Fewer follow-ups on emails. With videos, your sales team can close deals faster, and allocate more time to fetch new clients.

3) Record meetings

With remote work, a lot of time is spent on online meetings. Meetings are useful, meetings are necessary, but only to a certain extent. This infographic says that 37% of meetings are unproductive. This costs companies a lot of money. A lot - $37 billion each year.

This is not the whole picture. With back-to-back meetings, employees get distracted and lose track of information discussed during these meetings. This impacts work, results are mediocre leading to low quality results. A screen recorder is a savior to break this chain.

Your employees can record the meetings and always watch them later so that they never miss important details. They can also crop crucial sections in the video and highlight them in group chats for future discussions.

It’s tough for businesses to cut down meetings at one go. Screen recording them is a practical middle path for conducting meetings and keeping the process empathetic for employees at the same time.

How do recorded meetings help your business?

When meetings are recorded, important information can be shared and discussed later. It’s easy to keep track of activities and take corrective action.

How do recorded meetings help employees?

If they’re not in their best state, employees can still get back to the missed details in a meeting and give their best performance.

4) Product demos

Product demo videos have a strong impact on a buyer’s mind. 69% of consumers make buying decisions after watching demo videos. Getting more demo requests is a delight, it’s a sign that the strategy is working. But, on the flip side, real-time, synchronous product demos become exhaustive and time-consuming for the sales team.

Here’s a practical solution: categorize the leads and share screen recorded product demos with cold and warm leads. You must already be doing the part 1 of this solution, the tough work is already done. The easier part is recording video with your Mac screen recorder.

A simple 2 to 5-minute video walking the prospect through the most commonly used features and workflows along with guided voice instructions should do the job. Once you have a good quality recording, this video can be reused and shared with other leads.

This will save time for your team, and they can concentrate on converting high quality leads. The turnaround time will also drop as the team can allocate their time in a more efficient way.

How do recorded product demo videos help your business?

Your lead-to-conversion ratio will definitely see an uptick. Over time, this will also improve other metrics like NPS and Customer Lifetime Value.

How do recorded product demo videos help your employees?

Less pressure, better mental presence while talking to customers, and more enthusiasm for converting leads to customers

5) Share video feedback

Video feedback is rare at most workplaces. That’s sad because the best teams in organizations invest in sharing clear feedback with each other. Videos fit perfectly in the definition of sharing clear feedback.

Written communication gets misinterpreted. Oral communication has language barriers and can be forgotten easily if it’s not written down by the recipient. Because screen recorded videos are in visual form, the person sharing the feedback will be more precise in their communication.

Along with sharing the screen, ancillary features like screen annotations are useful to highlight the areas that need a rework. The recipient will find this more useful and easier to remember. The gap between understanding feedback and springing to action will be shortened in due course.

How do video feedback help your business?

You will have a team of employees that are serious about sharing feedback with each other. This will develop a strong and supportive working environment which is great for business growth.

How do video feedback help your employees?

Getting feedback from others is tough. And taking action on them is tougher, especially when it’s not clear. But, with screen-recorded feedback, employees are clear about what to do, which means they can generate quick and better results in no time.

6) Train employees

In remote and hybrid working environments, your employee training methods cannot be limited to real-time instructor-led training sessions. There’s nothing wrong with this training method, but these sessions can be long and tiring.

To have a more planned and relaxed employee training at workplace, organizations are investing in developing microlearning strategy. Microlearning is breaking down heavier, chunky courses into smaller pieces. For example, a series of 5-minute videos to train the marketing team on the latest digital marketing trends. Instead of a single 2-hour long Zoom training session.

The advantage of microlearning is that you give the choice to employees to train themselves according to their schedule. Screen-recorded training videos fit perfectly into this picture. With webcam recording, learners can see the instructor. The screen recording and voice commands act as guides to help them learn with clarity.

How does video training help your business?

Your employees are well-informed about work-related practices and have a positive outlook towards workplace training. This means they’re going to stay with the organization for a long term.

How does video training help your employees?

Your employees will enjoy the power of gaining knowledge and training themselves with the latest processes at their own convenience. The pressure will be low, and they’re more likely to use the learnings on their everyday tasks to improve their productivity level.

Get started with screen recording

Every new initiative starts with trying. On that note, if you’re convinced that screen recording videos will help your business and employees, it’s the right time to take the leap. We recommend signing up for free trial to get a hands-on experience of the tools.

Do not forget to check online reviews and the best pricing plan for your budget. This will help you make an informed decision.

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