How to record your screen on Mac with audio using Vmaker

Screen recording is quickly becoming a basic need nowadays as we are increasingly communicating over videos, a trend that is set to further grow with more and more people beginning to communicate asynchronously. There are tons of screen recording tools and how-to guides to record screens with audio on Mac but most of the screen recording tools either restrict the number of videos you can record for free or add watermarks which makes it even worse. To make things worse the native Mac Quicktime player offers the very basic options to record videos which sadly doesn’t serve our current screen recording needs.

Screen recording on Mac with audio using Vmaker

Now with Vmaker for Mac, you don’t have to worry about screen recording anymore as we have got you the best in class screen recording tool for Mac. Vmaker lets you record videos with audio with unlimited number of videos and enables you to edit and share with ease. 

Some of the key features of Vmaker that makes it the best screen recording tool

  • High-Quality Recording up to 4K 
  • Multiple recording modes with custom recording dimensions that lets you record the camera, screen, or both. 
  • Do not disturb mode that hides all notifications until you record. 
  • Audio from both microphone and system.
  • Screen Annotate, Mouse Emphasis & Screen blur out tools that enable creators to record engaging videos.
  • Complete video editor suite that lets you edit your recording with ease. 
  • Auto delete videos after a period.
  • Real-time collaboration over workspace. 
  • Create folders for easier access. 
  • Shared library over a workspace. 
  • Automatic video recording scheduler that allows you to set auto-recording for your meetings and conferences in one click. 
  • Custom filters and virtual backgrounds enabling you to look cooler and lets you record from anywhere.

The list goes on but we want to focus on how to record your screen and not talk about our features. So in case you want to dig deep on the features that we offer, check out our features page. 

Here’s a step by step guide on how to record your screen with audio on Mac using Vmaker

Download Vmaker for Mac (Step by step guide for installing Vmaker in Mac)

1. Sign in to the Vmaker app. 

If you don’t have an account then go ahead and create one with Vmaker. Don’t worry about the sign-up process, we have made it as simple as possible. You can sign up using Facebook or Gmail making it easy and use the same method to login to Vmaker from the next time.

Decide on how to record?

Decide on the multiple recording options available on Vmaker for Mac
Decide on the multiple recording options available on Vmaker

As we said, we support multiple recording options. Choose between screen, camera, or both options to start recording videos with Vmaker. We offer a cooler fourth recording mode which is the auto-recording scheduler that allows you to schedule your recordings for a particular time and Vmaker automatically records your screen for you. 

Screen recording quality:

We offer the best screen recording quality and when we say best, it’s absolutely the finest recording quality you’ll ever see. Vmaker enables you to record your screen on Mac up to a quality of 4K HD. 

Screen recording modes: 

Screen only: Record your entire screen, window, or a custom recording dimension based on your need.

Cam only: Record your webcam for your camera only recording needs.

Screen and Cam: Share your screen along with the webcam to record videos. 

Scheduler (Screen only): Schedule recordings to start recording your screen automatically.


Window screen recording mode for Mac
Vmaker let's you record a window

Just like recording modes, Vmaker lets you record in multiple dimensions. Here are the recording dimensions listed below. 

Fullscreen: Record everything that’s on your screen. 

Window: Record only a particular window on your screen.

Custom Recording Dimensions: Record only the specific part of the screen that you want to record.

Custom screen recording dimensions forMac
Choose the exact dimensions of your screen recording

Vmaker also has a blur out option that enables you to blur out a section or part of the screen that you want to hide, enabling you to share only what you intend to share on your screen recordings. 

What’s next after finishing recording a video using Vmaker?

Screen reocrding done on Mac is made available on cloud instantly
The recorded video is available instantly via browser

Unlike Quicktime player and other screen recorders for mac out in the market, your recorded videos will be available on a web link instantly, once you finish your screen recording. Vmaker is developed in such a way that the duration of recording never affects the upload speed of the videos. Record for seconds, hours, or minutes and your videos will be available instantly. 

Also, you can download your videos from the link or share them with anyone on the internet using the share video link option, or even better share them via email directly from the video player!

What happens to your Vmaker screen recording videos? 

All your screen recordings will be stored on the cloud and available on your personalized Vmaker web dashboard forever meaning you don’t have to waste your head trying to create space in your Mac device to accommodate the huge file sizes of a screen recording!

Vmaker has a wide range of features that makes it a one-stop solution for all your screen recording needs. It’s you who’ll decide on how to use it and which place to use it. 

Here are a few of the use cases where our users are using Vmaker to communicate, collaborate over videos effectively. 

Vmaker for Youtubers

Vmaker for Educators

Vmaker for Video Editors

This guide would have given you a fair idea on using Vmaker to record your Mac screen with audio — and hopefully, it’ll make your screen recording process simplified and easy!

So what are you waiting for?

Register for Vmaker now and start recording videos for free. No watermarks, it’s a promise!

Alternatively, you can download Vmaker for Mac directly using this link - Download Vmaker for mac

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