How to Start Your Videos and Keep Viewers Hooked

Whether you're updating your website with new content or are a small business owner looking to boost your social media engagement, video advertising is an excellent way to get the message out about what your company does and generates leads for new customers. 

Creating engaging content and videos can be highly beneficial. However, many businesses still face the challenge of being unsure as to how to create compelling and engaging content on their first try. 

Whether a blogger or somebody in marketing or content creation, you have probably experienced shooting videos for your blog and not knowing how to begin or being stuck in the limbo between writing and filming. You may need to reshoot that introductory video time and time before it gets into shape.

Companies have been using videos in their marketing strategies for several years now. Understanding that you have only a few seconds to capture the attention of new viewers, take advantage of the first 5 seconds by grabbing your consumer's attention right away and holding it right through the end.

Consumers are more inclined to gravitate toward visual content than text, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Why are the first few seconds of your video critical? 

For this video to be successful, it has to do two things: engage and persuade. The first few seconds of the video will engage the consumer, and the rest of the video will help persuade the consumer by letting them know more about your product or service. 

Today, humans have an attention span of 5 seconds. A study found that videos echoed an attention span of just 8 seconds – compared to a goldfish's at 9. This means video marketers only have a few seconds to get viewers' attention and keep it. After 5 seconds, viewers are lost and no longer engaged in the video they're watching.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a video. However, people are only going to watch it if they know in the first 5 seconds whether they'll be interested in it or not. The same goes for creating hooks within each video - ensuring that there's always something that keeps people engaged is vital while making content: you have to keep them interested, excited, and attentive!

Let us look at some of the best ways to keep your viewers hooked and some of the best ways to make your videos engaging. 

6 best ways to hook your viewers with your video 

  1. Write a script

Videos are a powerful way to influence the minds of the people you intend to reach, but for any video to be compelling, you must have a good marketing strategy. 

A video script is a blueprint for your videos wherein you make the annotations of your scenes along with the dialogues which will take place between them. This script gives you an idea about how you want your movie to look and helps draft initial ideas for making videos as per your own will and needs.

  1. Introduce yourself

Before you can become inspired by your audience, one of the essential hooks you have for your video is for you to introduce yourself. 

If you want to capture the interest of your viewers and potential consumers, they will need to know who the actual person is behind the camera. And while they're intrigued, they will look forward to hearing what you have to impart as a thought leader in their industry or niche. You can quickly achieve this through the VMaker product screen recorder

  1. Get to the point

People are constantly on the move, which applies to entrepreneurs of all kinds. So they always want things to commence fairly quickly because they realize that many things are waiting for their attention. 

From stating your message right off the bat to showing them how you can solve their problems, it's essential to keep your viewer engaged - which is why you need a well-written script explicitly tailored to your audience! This becomes of utmost importance while leveraging short-term videos to boost your online sales

  1. Start with the problem

One of the most effective ways to grab your audience's attention to your videos is by starting by stating a problem you are trying to solve. Nobody cares about the products or services you're offering - they care about how you're trying to help them with their problems! Thus, you need to state the problem and offer a solution at the very beginning of your video so that you can keep their attention.

  1. Ask a question

This hook is your go-to solution if you're having trouble putting something together to introduce your video. It's time-saving and lets you get right to the point of what's essential, which is solving a viewer's problem. 

Combining this hook with relatable content will give you that "just one more minute" feel for any viewers because it presents a solution intriguingly.

  1. Get the right soundtrack

Finding the perfect music track. Music helps capture viewers' attention and makes the content more entertaining for consumers. The ideal virtual background that matches your video can be complex, especially if there are potentially thousands of tracks to choose from and various ways they can be used in your video. 

It's crucial to find exactly what you need and mix it with background audio relevant to your message. If the brand is making training videos, one can also work on the voiceover in the videos. 

PRO TIP: Don't waste your valuable first 5-7 seconds by displaying information that your viewers may already know. Since you have only 5 seconds to grab your viewer's attention, it is not advised to use a logo at the beginning of the video. As most videos and posts on social media carry some form of your brand name/logo, it is unnecessary to include it at the start of each video.


A great hook has become increasingly important, with so much content flowing online. Having a punchy line can help keep your audience's attention, helping the chances of your video being successful. With these tips in mind, have a go at making that video! We've given you some ideas to help you add punchiness to your video.