How to Record PS4 Gameplay with Webcam and Voice Narration

For an avid gamer, gameplay videos are a multipurpose thing. 

They can create their own gameplay videos to share their experience and learnings with others. Watch others’ videos to learn new moves and improve their own gaming performance. Or, they can do both. 

Whatever the case may be, gameplay videos are trending. So, if you’re a gamer reading this blog, then let me tell you straight — this is a great time to start making gameplay video content.

I know what you’re thinking — How should I get started? 

We will get to that in a while. And, trust me, it will be worth it because we will not only be sharing the steps to making a recording but also how you can add your face and voice to it. So it’s not just making a recording anymore; it’s like making your content more personal.

Ok, we digressed. Let’s head back to why we think gameplay videos are the thing right now.

Looking back at YouTube’s gaming Look Back

You can look at it yourself here, but if you want to save time, here’s a snapshot of the numbers that you will find the most eye-catching

  • 2020 was the biggest year for YouTube gaming channels after crossing 100 billion watch hours.
  • 40 million+ active gaming channels on YouTube.
  • 80,000 gaming creators crossed 1,00,000 subscribers in 2020.
  • Minecraft is the most-watched game with 201 billion views.
  • More than $1.5 million was raised for charity by different gaming content creators.
  • 2020 was a happening year for gaming content creators. With the surge, it’s expected to grow even bigger from here. If you want to be a part of this growing journey, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, we will be telling you how you can record your own PS4 gameplay videos and make them more personal with webcam and audio recording.

How to record and download gameplay videos on PS4

  1. To begin, connect your PS4 gaming console
  2. Before you start recording, it’s important to check the recording settings on your PS4. To do that, press the share button on your controller.
  3. From here, you can set the video length (the maximum is 60 minutes), decide the screenshot and broadcast settings.
  4. Begin your gameplay and tap the share button twice to start video recording your gameplay.
  5. PS4 will continue to record the gameplay till the specified video length is over, or when you double-click on the share button to stop the recording on PS4. That's the answer to the question, how to stop game recording on PS4.
  6. After the recording is over, it gets saved in the Capture Gallery of your PS4’s home screen.
  7. Now, it might happen that you miss recording a gameplay video. And, while you’re playing, you make a new record or pull off a boss move. 
  8. In such a case, you can still save the last 15 minutes of gameplay. Your PS4 automatically records your gameplay but doesn’t save it.
  9. To save this video, click on the share button only once. After you do that, the video will get saved automatically.
  10. To download the video, insert your USB drive or external hard disk on your PS4.
  11. Navigate to the Capture Gallery section, click on the Options button.
  12. Choose the Copy to USB storage device option from the drop-down menu.
  13. Select all the videos that you want to transfer to your external drive and clock on Copy.
  14. Your videos have been downloaded. Now, you can plug in your USB or external hard disk to a computer or laptop to upload the video.

Find a really good screen recorder

Till the recording of the gameplay video, you were following the same steps as other gamers.

From here, things will be different. Uploading your gameplay recordings on social media platforms is a common thing. But, adding a voice narration and webcam recording makes the content even more interesting.

To do both, a screen recorder is an excellent tool. You can upload the video, record your voice commentary, and face to give a detailed overview of what is happening.

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There are ample screen recorders, and we definitely recommend doing a well-researched analysis on what works the best for you. In our opinion, Vmaker does a great job in offering the best experience and value for money to gamers. 

Vmaker is a free screen recording tool designed for gamers. With Vmaker, you can record unlimited videos without restrictions. It comes with advanced features that help you make your content more viewer-friendly. It works perfectly well with Mac and Windows computers.

PS4 Gameplay recorder with narration and audio
Sign up for Vmaker PS4 Gameplay video maker and make gameplay videos with narration and audio

More about Vmaker and its strengths in the later part, for now, let’s check out how you can upload the video and record your face and voice.

How to add voice narration and webcam recording to PS4 gameplay recording

After you have created an account in Vmaker, you’re all set to uploading your gameplay video, adding voice narration and webcam recording.

  1. Sign in to your Vmaker account
  2. You can use your laptop webcam or connect to an external webcam to record your face. Similarly, you can also plug in your microphone to record your voice
  3. Open the Vmaker application and make sure that your webcam and microphone access is turned on
  4. Select the screen and webcam recording option, and hit the Start Recording button
  5. Once the recording has begun, start playing the gameplay video file recorded on your PS4
  6. As the gameplay proceeds, you can record an audio comment, pause the video to narrate how you pulled off that move, or use annotation to highlight specific details in the recording
  7. After you’re done making the recording, click on the floating red button to stop the recording
  8. Your recording gets uploaded to your dashboard, which you can access from anywhere, on any device
  9. Here, you get options to edit the video. You can trim the unwanted parts, crop the video wherever required and resize it too
  10. You can also upload previously recorded videos and merge them with this recording. This works great for making your intro and outro
  11. When you’re ready, click on the share button to publish the PS4 gameplay video with audio narration and webcam recording on your favorite social media platform.

And, it’s done. Your video is live. With Vmaker, you can create more engaging gameplay videos without getting dependent on multiple tools

PS4 Gameplay recorder with narration and audio
Sign up for Vmaker PS4 Gameplay video maker and make gameplay videos with narration and audio

Here's a video guide on how to record PS4 gameplay with webcam and voice narration

What makes Vmaker gameplay maker stand out from other screen recording tools?

At first, Vmaker might not come across as special. It’s only when you start using it, you realize how it offers so much freedom to content creators. The features are in line with their requirements, and the pricing is the best in the market.

Here’s a quick overview of the best features of Vmaker gameplay maker

No irritating limits

Giving free access, but limiting the user to record only a 5-minute video can be very irritating. However, Vmaker doesn’t do that. You can record an unlimited number of videos, with unlimited storage space. No questions asked. No irritating pop-ups.

Crystal clear recording

Without paying for it, you get HD recording with Vmaker. This means you can maintain the same level of quality in your gameplay videos. Also, when you export the video or upload it on YouTube, your viewers will watch the video at the same quality

Easy collaboration

Collaborating with other gaming content creators can be fun. And, with Vmaker you can save your videos, arrange them in folders and share them with other gamers so that they can also record a video and merge it with your recording

Cool customizations

From your background to the color of your mouse cursor, you can customize Vmaker to your style. You can add a name tag to your webcam bubble, customize the area of recordings, and set a timer for your videos too


For an avid gamer, gaming videos are a great place to get entertained and learn new moves too.

If you’re a gamer, this is the best time to create gaming content and publish it on YouTube. The growth in the past year has been fantastic and the future looks more promising. However, if you want your content to stand out, add narration and webcam recording to it.

By adding your voice and face, your viewers will get a more personal feeling. Besides, it also appears more friendly. As your audience can see and hear you, they feel more confident in reacting to your videos.

To add your voice and webcam recording, choose a screen recorder like Vmaker which offers great value, and is much better than the other screen recording tools.

PS4 Gameplay recorder with narration and audio
Sign up for Vmaker PS4 Gameplay video maker and make gameplay videos with narration and audio

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