How to record a Discord call with audio and video

Discord is one of the most popular VoIP communication tools available today. Highly popular among gamers, this tool allows users to communicate directly via voice, video, or text and join servers or chat rooms where larger communities can interact together. Besides being a great place for gamers to chat during online games, it's also a place to meet new like-minded people and exchange opinions.

Discord has all the essential features to have interesting conversations, but there is no option to record those conversations.

Out of many online tools available, only a few tools are most effective for recording conversations.

In this blog, learn how to record a discord call and we will see the best third-party tools you can use and the steps involved in using those tools.

But before we go further, please be aware that in many parts of the world, it's illegal to record anyone's conversation without their permission. So just make sure that everyone is informed while you record.

How to record a Discord call?

There are basically two ways to record the audio from discord. One way is to use a bot called Craig and the other way is to use screen recording tools like OBS and Vmaker. Whatever method you choose, the guide below will take you through the exact step-by-step process of recording discord calls.

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How to use Vmaker to record Discord audio?

Vmaker is a free screen recorder that’s extremely easy to use compared to OBS to record Discord audio. You can record an unlimited number of sessions for free. It has an added advantage of a built-in video editor as well, which will come in handy in case if you are trying to create a video podcast. 

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Here’s how to record Discord call with audio using Vmaker

Step 1: Download and install Vmaker to your system

Step 2: Go to Preferences under settings and click on “Enable internal audio”

Step 3: Choose the microphone you want from the menu. You can either use your system microphone or an external microphone to record audio

Step 4: Now click on “Start Recording” and Vmaker will all audio from the Discord

Step 5: Once you finish recording your recording will be automatically uploaded to your private cloud account from where you can download your recording

Note: The file will be saved as a video, but instead of a black screen there will be the screen activity recorded.

How to record Discord video call?

In the below section, we will see how to use OBS and Vmaker to record audio. To record Discord audio with video, you can use the same tools and follow the same steps. In this scenario (recording audio and video), Vmaker would be more suitable since it has a built-in video editor. All your recordings will be stored in your private cloud account. With Vmaker’s video editor, you can add music, transitions, subtitles, intros, outros, and more. All of these features will come in handy when you are trying to create a video podcast, a YouTube video, or anything such that.

Here’s how to record Discord call with audio and video on Vmaker:

Step 1: Download and install Vmaker to your system

Step 2: By default, your Vmaker will be in the “Screen” recording mode, so if you want to record your video with a webcam bubble, then you can select the “Screen + Webcam '' mode

Step 3: Go to Preferences under settings and click on “Enable internal audio”

Step 4: Choose the microphone of your choice. You can either use your system headphone or an external headphone for your recording

Tip: Use headphones for better audio quality

Step 5: Now click on “Start Recording,” and Vmaker will record audio and video from Discord

Step 6: Once you finish recording, your recording will be automatically uploaded to your private cloud account, from where you can download your recording.

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How to use Craig bot to record Discord audio?

Craig is an audio-only recording bot for Discord with multi-track and multi-channel audio recording. What it does is it joins an audio conversation, records it, and uploads it automatically afterward. At the end, you get separate audio files for each speaker, which you can edit and use for your podcasts. Here’s how you can use Craig to record your Discord conversations:

Here's how to use the Craig bot:

Note: This method only works on your own server. You cannot use this bot on others’ servers.

Step 1: Create your own server or go to the server you own and visit the Craig website

Step 2: And click on the “INVITE CRAIG TO YOUR DISCORD SERVER” option

Step 3: Now click on “Authorize”

Step 4: Now the Craig bot is on your server. Now you can stay on your browser page or close the page and go to your Discord app

Step 5: To start your recording, type in the command “:craig:, join” to invite the bot. The Craig bot will join in the conversation and start recording.

Step 6: To end the recording simply type “:craig:, leave.” This will cause Craig to finish the recording and leave the voice channel.

Step 7: Now Craig will provide you with a link from where you can download the audio.

How to use OBS to record Discord audio?

OBS is a popular open-source live streaming and screen recording tool. If you are a video content creator, you must be familiar with this tool. You can use OBS to screen record your conversations. The recordings will be delivered in mp4 format, from which you can easily extract the audio and use it for your applications.

If you are already using OBS, then you won't find it difficult to record your conversations, but if you are a beginner, then it can be slightly daunting to use this since the whole tool layout itself contains many functionalities and needs a learning curve. But for that, you can use the next tool Vmaker to record your audio.

Here's how to record Discord audio using OBS

Step 1: Download and install OBS Studio

Step 2: Create a new scene and select "Audio Output Capture"

Step 3: Now add a source to the new scene - in this case, it is your desktop audio

Step 4: Click "Start Recording," and OBS will record all audio from your Discord server

Note: OBS Studio is a streaming tool. It will record the audio but save the file as a video with a black screen.

Reasons why you should record discord audio and video

There are an array of reasons for you to record your Discord audio and video. Whether you want to capture the best gaming moments with your friends or save a meeting for your future reference, or record a podcast, saved audio and video files can be extremely useful in some circumstances. You can also use these files to show your expertise and grow your audience base. Just be sure to get everyone’s consent before starting your recording.

Tips to record Discord audio and video

Close out the unnecessary tabs and windows: Too many tabs and windows can sometimes hamper the performance of your system, which in turn can affect the quality of your recording. So it’s advisable to keep your recording ecosystem clean for better recording.

Make sure your internet connection is good: A good internet connection is necessary to get a good quality recording. It pretty much works like this: on YouTube, if the internet quality is good, the clarity of the video will be good, and if the connection is terrible, then the clarity of the video will also be is terrible. So just make sure that you have a good internet connection, or at least your internet is stable before recording.


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