How to do product review videos on youtube?

In the current digital world that we’re living any buying decision made by either an individual or a business involves a long and comprehensive decision-making process. One cannot simply question the intent as there so many fake products and services offering out on the internet which buyers are vary of in the current digital cloud. This means one thing, genuine product reviews are very crucial in pushing users to make the buying decision.

Look back at the last purchase you made and I’m pretty sure you would have read or watched a review videos before buying the product. 

Product review videos is one of the most sought after category on youtube. Any product name that you put on youtube and you’ll be instantly shown review videos in the suggestions. This is an indicator of the amount of product review videos that are currently there on youtube. In fact, over the last two years, there have been 50,000+ years of product review videos watched on youtube. Mobile-only. 

Why is there been a sheer increase in the number of review videos on youtube?

It all boils down to one fact. People don’t have time to read through text-based product reviews and often feel that written reviews could be manipulated.  79% of consumers prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading a text-based review. The demand for good reviews is sky high with companies and businesses looking to get reviews of their product on youtube through popular reviewers. In fact, the top product reviewer on youtube is a 9-year-old kid who reviews toys and has a whopping 27 million subscribers all for honestly reviewing toys. Another popular tech review channel, unbox therapy has 17 million followers for their no-nonsense product reviews 

Why product review videos are important?

  • Product reviews build credibility and trust in your products and offering.
  • Good product review videos give that last push to your potential customers to actually pay for your product/offerings. 
  • Valuable existing relationships are one of the main reasons your existing users review your product on youtube. Potential customers will also be positive about the relationship that they would eventually. 
  • Product review videos offer potential customers newer avenues in which they can use your product. 
  • Lastly, feedback from these reviews will help you further fine-tune your product helping you to offer the best experience of your product. 
Bouns Guide: How to Record YouTube videos

Producing effective product review videos for youtube

Have a script for your recording but don’t make it too scripted!

Just like product demo videos, product review videos also need a proper script before recording so that you cover everything that you want to without missing any key aspects of the product that you’re reviewing. Focus on the core features of the product rather than trying to cover everything in a single review.

Pro tip: Check out fan communities on Facebook, Reddit, official forums, and study what’s the frequently asked question and answered topic. After carefully studying, cover the same in your review to gain more traction. 

Less talk and more product!

People search for product review videos, especially for one thing to have a look at the product in reality apart from the images posted by the brand which most times don’t depict the product. It’s the urge to see the product put to use that drives users to product review videos. So in order to keep your viewers engaged keep the content minimal and ensure the review is more of a real-time demonstration and explanation of the actual product.

Pro tip: Ensure you review the product in real and simultaneously talk about it. This simple thing adds immense credibility to your product reviews. 

Don’t sound too salesy!

The sole purpose of product reviews is to build credibility and it’s highly important to not sound salesy or pushy through the reviews. The moment viewers feel it’s too salesy or a paid review they’ll be bound to move to another reviewer who sounds genuine. 

Of course, there are paid and sponsored reviews by the product manufacturers themselves but these are for different purposes and generally involve very popular reviewers. In order to build credibility, you need to be genuine through your reviews. 

Is there a solution to record high-quality product reviews that are cost-effective yet engaging?

We have definitely got the right solution to record high-quality product review videos. Vmaker let’s you record videos at 4K HD resolution with a live web camera feed that let’s you showcase the product and explain them simultaneously.

Hold on it get’s even better, Vmaker also lets you add a custom green screen background to your web camera to give a studio-like effect with ease. 

Editing the recordings is also quite easy with Vmaker AI video editor which lets you edit your product review recordings with one click.

Not just check out the other features that will be exclusively available to you when you use Vmaker. 

Now go on record engaging product review videos for youtube using Vmaker and be the next in-demand product review star of youtube.

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