Everything on Video Emails to Win New Business in 2024

Since the launch of Vmaker, we have seen multiple applications of videos from our growing Makers community.

Videos have been a powerful medium and the consumption of video content has grown trifold since the pandemic caused a workplace paradigm.

One of the most interesting and rewarding applications has been the use of videos in emails.

Individuals and businesses have started using videos in their emails to make the email personalized and engaging. This act has rewarded them with new business deals and better email engagement.

If you are someone who is looking to use videos on your email marketing channel, you can get started for free with Vmaker to create your videos on the go.

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Now, back to the objective of this blog.

While Vmaker covers one part of video emails (creating videos) we wanted to cover the other part of the process as well - emails.

We partnered with the Mailshake team to deliver a complete view of the entire process. We hosted Will Taylor from Mailshake to talk more about how individuals and solopreneurs can use video emails to generate more engagement and win new business.

The growth of Video Consumption

To gain your undivided attention here is a stat I googled on video consumption - As of 2021, an average person is predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching online videos.

With the average screen time being 7 hours and 11 minutes in the US, and the favor towards consuming video content compared to text content, the numbers are always poised to rise.

Marketing is a function that capitalises on user behaviour and as always brands have picked up on the same.

A wise man once said don't build a marketing team build an ad agency for your brand.

You have to create content which your users enjoy, educate and can empathise (let's frame it as the EEE framework for content creation)

WIth videos currently on top of the pyramid of content consumption, the good brands started finding a way to create video content in the EEE framework to make them work.

Why video emails?

Emails has been a traditional channel in marketing playbooks and even after decades since the inception the importance and the returns from email engagement continue to grow.

Given a choice, even today I will personally pick an email list with 10,000 subscribers compared to a social following of 10,000.

From the user perspective, they need something new in their emails to make it engaging. Frankly, the average inbox is swamped with thousands of emails begging for attention that it paved way for a new concept called ‘Inbox Zero’

But with the involvement of videos and attractive thumbnails, you can help your emails stand out.

Video emails are a great asset to aid your creativity in email communication. This has helped marketers gain 3X results compared to the traditional HTML or plain text email formats.

But, this does not mean all your emails have to be video-based.

How to use Videos in your email communication?

Given the amount of hype so far, it is natural to feel tempted (hopefully) to use videos in all forms of communication right away.

But videos should be used wisely with specific goals and cadences.

There are different types of videos you can create based on the objective

And more..

Break down the objective and analyse what type of content will yield benefit for the user.

Do remember, videos are an add on and not a replacement for your regular text. Even if you are considering sending videos on emails, do append the same with text to set the context and the action performed once the user clicks on the video link.

If you are looking at the ways in which you can embed videos to your email, check this blog ~ Video Emails: How to Send a Video via Email

Bonus: Top Video Email Platforms Ranked | Video Emails

Personalizing Video Engagement beyond name and company

The next step in the video email workflow is to personalize the experience. And by personalization, we don’t mean mentioning their first name and their company name or their designation.

Email marketing and email marketing platforms have evolved a lot, that the usage of names and basic info on emails don’t create a personalized engagement anymore, they are page 1.

So, what else can you do?

Go through the prospect’s profile and try to pick something from their bio. One example is mentioning their favourite sports team or their recent tweet.

If none of these things work, you can still create a human touch in your emails by sharing a glimpse of your own environment.

Yes, I am referring to the email screenshot that has their pet do image added to it. Who doesn’t love that?

In short, try to add elements to your emails that can create a human connection than showing this is nothing short of a system-generated disclaimer statement feel.

Measuring the ROI of video emails

Ah! No marketing plan is complete without a column or a slide that has the 3 Golden alphabets ROI.

Unlike other channels, video ROI management is straightforward (unless you want to get into the dark or hidden touchpoints of a buyer journey)

Video email metrics are no different from your regular email metrics, except that this time you add a couple more metrics to measure.

You should check the CTR to the video, the average view duration and post watch action (share, engage with the video etc.)

To get this closer to the revenue circle, we at Vmaker added a new feature to our platform. We added the option to include a CTA right there in the video player page.

This helps your user to watch the video and then take the next action right from the video player page instead of switching tabs or platforms.

This simple element has brought the overall engagement directly in lieu of the conversion metric.

Don’t forget to test the emails with A/B options wherever possible. You have to arrive at a template after multiple experiments and continue to experiment to improvise.

Tools to help you get started with Video emails

Too little to choose from too many. That’s the scenario in the market today for any product.

But, to help you get started you can choose from the below options,

  • Vmaker to create your videos (You’re here anyway why not try it?!)
  • Mailshake for email automation (They added some great value here)
  • A laptop with a webcam (yes external cams work great, but not a hindrance)
  • AI Video Editor (You have it covered if you choose Vmaker. Vmaker AI turns raw video footage into published-ready video in a minuties.)
  • Time (You might not have heard this before but ‘good things take time and practice’)

This arsenal should help you get started with video emails right away.


The best time to start video emails was yesterday and the next best time to start video email marketing is now. (Another quote you might not have heard before)

I suggest you try a few quick videos amongst your internal team members before you roll out big time.

While you do so, be prepared to roll out a few imperfect videos and work on perfection as a process rather than an end result.

The consumption style of videos is only going to increase with VR and technologies coming into the picture. Your brand should not miss out on the same.​​

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