Video Content Marketing Strategy for 2023 - Funneling up with Camille Trent

As a part of our Funnelling up series focused on video content marketing strategies for marketers, I hosted Camille Trent from Dooly on Dec 2.

We went live on LinkedIn discussing video content marketing strategy for 2023.

In case you missed the session, here is the recording of the same. Please move to 1:52 for the conversation to start.

Pointers discussed in the session

  • Camille's personal experience with Video content (starts at 1:52)
  • An example of one of Camille's favorite video content (4:32)
  • The evolution of content consumption in different formats (7:50)
  • The different areas to use videos in our marketing strategies (10:30)
  • Game plan with videos for 2022 (13:25)

Video content consumption has been on the rise over the last 3 years and we can all be sure that the trend will continue in the upcoming year as well.

With this in mind, I wanted to understand how different brands are preparing to use this trend as a part of their marketing process.

So, I recently hosted Camille Trent who is a Content marketer at Dooly, to join me on a LinkedIn Live session and talk about her plans on using videos as a part of their content marketing game in 2022.

We went through a series of questions to understand how Camille's personal experience with videos unfolded over time, the understanding of the audience's reception to the video content, and how to put all the learnings to the best of their use in 2022.

Here is a quick transcript of our conversation on video content marketing strategy. If you decide to contradict my above statement about the video and decide to read the text instead (Make no mistake, the text is still interesting!)

Camille's experience with Videos

Camille started out in the advertising industry by writing copies for B2C and B2B companies for ads, video scripts. Later she started focusing more on the B2B tech companies writing copies and reviewing them for multiple content formats such as videos, voice-over, ads, blogs, etc.

Slowly her career moved towards content marketing where she started focusing on distributing the content in addition to creating them.

Sooner she was into understanding the different ways the content channels worked, the different types of audience each of these channels attract, and how to distribute content effectively via the same.

Camille has had a 360-degree experience in the early stage of her career in the content marketing game from writing, editing, distributing to the marketing game.

Experiments with Video content

Though she has been experimenting a lot with written content which also happens to be her strong suit, her experience with videos especially on LinkedIn is still in the growth phase.

Her recent tryout with LinkedIn videos has shown surprising results compared to the engagement in other formats. This led to more experiments and trials on the way.

I am pretty sure this live session added to the list of positives to do more experiments with LinkedIn videos.

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Evolution of Content across different formats

Videos have evolved over the years to match the different preferences set by consumers of the content. When it originated it was very common to see videos that range from 30 minutes to an hour on average on Youtube. But today things have changed a lot.

Each platform has a preference over the way they want the content to be formatted to suit their audience. Youtube loves content that is ideally 20 minutes long to better optimize for ads. Facebook loves videos that are 5 to 10 minutes long for the same reason. There is a new kind of format for short portrait videos that ranges between 15 to 60 seconds to consume on the go.

While we talk about the video game in general I was curious to understand Camille’s perspectives in the way she optimizes her video content based on timeline and channel.

The long-form content still works, as long as you can deliver value. People are open to consuming in-depth information and these people are significant to your business. As long as you can create engaging content that can deliver value consistently throughout the content, you can win with them.

But to expand your reach to all segments in the market you have to use the distribution methods. Content distribution is vital to complete the content marketing cycle,

Most people do it wrong by just reposting the same content across different platforms. But you have to start optimizing the content for the platform before you share the same.

This helps you operate efficiently in the content creation process and in better ROI.

Different areas to use videos in your marketing strategy

Reemphasizing again here the importance of content distribution and repurposing the content again here.

You have to start with long-form content - a webinar, a podcast, an interview, anything. This way you can loop in an influencer to help you create your content in the long-form.

With this, you can repurpose the same to multiple formats of content. Since the long-form content will help you get all the information you need you can later impart the information and the credibility on your content preferences both in paid and organic marketing.

This has helped us in the past effectively. How to get more ideas from authentic information and how to use them effectively. These are the questions you need to get the answer to.

Video Content Marketing Strategy for 2023

It is going to be a package of all the things we have discussed so far. But more importantly to focus on the one important thing - whether it is a podcast, interview, or video.

Master one channel and try not to get too caught up in multiple channels and formats.

The game plan is to get started with one channel, create some long-form authentic content in the same, and later repurpose the same to different channels and the audience.


Camille Trent is a household name today amongst all marketers with her constant daily dose of value-added via her social platforms.

I wanted to host Camille for her enthusiasm in learning and unlearning new things each day in the content marketing space.

This conversation had some key highlights worthy of giving a shot for anyone who is into content marketing.

  • Focus on one channel, master it and then move
  • Create one long-form content and then repurpose it to multiple short-form content
  • Personalize your content according to your audience and the channel before you distribute them
  • We all start by writing choppy copies but you have to do them anyway to become better at it.

Hope you guys found this useful. You can check our upcoming series guests here. If you have someone in mind we should host next time, do drop me a message here.