What does Vmaker AI do?


Automatically adds videos, images, and GIFs to match the pulse of your video


Adds relevant stickers to the video based on the script

Background Music

Based on the mood of the video, the AI auto-adds suitable BG music

Text animation

Picks the right text animation style that suits your video

Smart Zoom

Creates zoom-in and zoom-out transitions wherever necessary

Intro and Outro

Automatically creates Intro/outro animations with a title for the video


Auto-adds suitable transitions in between the shots

AI Subtitles

Auto-generates subtitles in 35+ languages in 100+ styles

Convert Your Long-Form Videos Into Shorts In A Click

Long videos to Reels/ Shorts/ TikTok videos

Upload your long-form video and Vmaker AI will automatically transform them into trendy publish-ready short-form videos for socials, YouTube shorts, Reels, and TikTok.

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Highlights Generator

Automatically detects the high points of your videos and converts them into high-quality teasers. You can add this as your intro or download it separately.

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Create Viral Videos Like
Top Content Creators

Apply styles from our viral styles library to make your videos go viral

Unlocking the Potential of
AI in Video Editing


AI Subtitles

Our AI automatically generates subtitles for your video. You can change subtitle styles, personalize, animate, and more.



Experience endless editing style variations for your output video with just one click, thanks to our Patented MAD AI.


AI Video BG Remover

If you want to remove the background , Vmaker AI does it in a few minutes, with or without the green screen effect.

Feature-Packed Editing Suite for Your
Perfect Videos


Tell a story


Timeline Editing

Make customizations such as Trim, Cut, Split, Resize, Rotate, and flip clips with ease.


Enhance Audio

Detach and refine audio by adjusting volume levels, managing mono/stereo outputs or adding fade in/out


Color Adjustments

Make the visual pop with right color adjustments such as brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and more.


Immersive experience


Reverse Playback

Take viewers back in time. Add reverse playback effect to a clip or clips in a click.


Aspect Ratio

Publish your videos in any orientation as you like. Optimize & fit into any canvas.


Change Speed

Rule the time(line) by adjusting video speeds. Convert to time lapse or slow motion with ease.


Polish to Perfection


Noise Removal

Remove background noise, wind noise from the video to enhance audio quality with a click


Subtitle and Translations

Auto generate subtitles and customize them. Translate the subtitles into 35+ languages in a click.


Stock Library

Pick any videos, images or GIFs you want from our stock library with 1000+ premium assets.

Screen Recorder

Use our built-in screen recorder to create high-quality videos and edit them with the Vmaker AI video editor.

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AI Video Editing - FAQs Answered

An AI video editor is a software program that uses artificial intelligence technology to automate and enhance various aspects of the video editing process.

It performs automated editing tasks such as adding B-roll footage, intros, outros, background music, and transitions. Additionally, it generates captions and subtitles and identifies key moments or highlights, making it easier to create shorter, more engaging content.

The main benefits of using an AI video editor include saving time and effort, simplifying video editing, enhancing video quality, and increasing efficiency.

Vmaker AI is an AI video editor that turns your raw videos into wow videos in minutes. Just upload your raw video, and AI intelligently adds b-rolls, background music, transitions, effects, subtitles, and more, making your videos publish-ready with just a click.

Vmaker AI transforms long-form videos into short-form content and creates highlights and teasers from your footage.

But what sets Vmaker AI apart is its feature-packed, full-fledged editing suite, allowing professionals to craft their videos to perfection. It also includes AI video background removal, an AI auto subtitle generator, and more.

There are many artificial intelligence-powered video editing tools in the market but what makes Vmaker AI is its functionality of combining both AI & manual editing suites. It has a timeline-based manual editing suite and also a bunch of AI editing features like a one-click row to publish ready video, AI subtitle, AI BG remover, and more.

It's built for Humans and always puts humans in the main seat. If you want the Vmaker AI to be your personal editor that does the grunt and repetitive tasks, then you can build up your creative editing on top of it.

The best AI video editor offers impeccable performance and a holistic set of editing tools to help you create the best possible video. It cuts down your editing work by half and provides a comprehensive editing suite to customize the final output video.

Here are a few best AI video editing tools you can try,

  1. Vmaker AI
  2. InVideo
  3. Clipchamp
  4. Kapwing
  5. Veed

Here are the steps to edit and transform your raw videos into wow videos in minutes using Vmaker AI:

Step 1: Create a video using the built-in recorder or simply upload your raw video footage.

Step 2: Choose the desired output video aspect ratio (vertical, square, or landscape).

Step 3: Select the enhancements you want to apply to your videos, such as subtitles, video titles, intros, outros, b-rolls, text animations, effects, transitions, background music, and more.

Step 4: Craft your videos to perfection using our full-fledged editing suite.

That's it! Let AI work its magic, and step into the future with the world’s first real AI video editor.

Yes, Vmaker AI editor is available to use for free. You can utilize the AI features and export the final video output completely for free.

The market offers multiple options for beginners, but it all boils down to where you want to start. We suggest a tool like Vmaker AI, which handles the heavy lifting for you. With no learning curve, it's easier for beginners to create professional-quality viral videos in minutes.

Vmaker AI allows you to edit and download videos with the help of AI for free. To export without a watermark, you can upgrade to unlock more features.

You can use any video editing tool to add background music. Some tools also have an in-built library of background music and sound effects that you can choose from.

However, tools like Vmaker AI, which use NLP to read and understand the mood of the video and add suitable background music.

There are 3 ways to add effects to the video.

  • i) You can choose from the effects library preset
  • ii) You can use the Raw to Wow AI feature of Vmaker AI to auto-add animations and visual effects.
  • iii) Vmaker AI also has a patented MAD AI button that beautifies your whole video in just a click.

You can select transitions from the list available on the editor menu, or you can also use the AI to auto-add transitions to the video.

Import your raw footage at the highest quality without compression. Once you have edited the same on Vmaker AI, select the quality of export in the final pop-up. Your video will be exported at the highest quality.

You can manually trim the parts of the video you want to use as short-form content. Alternatively, you can utilize the long-form to short-form AI converter option. Vmaker AI automatically transforms your long-form videos into publish-ready short-form content.

It surely can! In fact, using an AI subtitles generator is one of the easiest ways to add subtitles to your videos. Vmaker AI-generated subtitles are 98% accurate.

Yes, it surely can. Most of the AI video editors in the market can only remove the background with utmost precision when shot in front of a green screen. But Vmaker AI can remove the background with or without a green screen.

It supports all the major video file formats like MP4, MOV, etc.

Using automated AI video editors like Vmaker AI, it creates professional-looking intros and outros automatically for your video. It will auto-add a video title to the intro by analyzing the video's audio.