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Screencasting Tools and Resources

Screencasting can be a quick and easy way to teach students. You can simply record your screen with voiceover in minutes and send it across to your students. It eliminates the need for explaining the same concept again and again, and on the students end it stays as a go to source whenever they wish to listen and want to prepare for tests.

It is a great way to enhance the way students consume your information.

Best Free Screencasting Tools for Educators

Best Screencasting Tools

  • Vmaker
  • Camstudio
  • Screencast-o-matic
  • Google plus hangouts
  • OBS
  • Screencastify

Vmaker is a one stop solution for all your video, screen recording, editing, and animation needs. If you are looking for a software that is free and let’s easily start screen recording, Vmaker is the tool. With this software, teachers can save a lot of time on teaching.

Key Features:

  • Free lifetime plan
  • Screen recording, Webcam recording, Screen & Webcam Recording
  • 4K recording quality
  • Powerful editing features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Screen annotate, mouse emphasis, and screen blur out tools
  • Record voice-over webcam and computer screen
  • Schedule recording feature that lets you record your screen automatically

Camstudio: CamStudio is an open-source video recording tool with basic functionalities. With the Screen and Video annotations feature in this software, you can either do voice-over type vids or one with text annotations. It’s useful and does have some interesting features.

Screencast-o-matic: Screencast-o-matic is an easy to use screencasting tool. You can use it to record screen, webcam and customize videos. The videos can be used in flipped classrooms.

Google plus hangouts: Google Plus Hangout is a free to use screen recording tool which also allows students and teachers to interact in a live environment which is great for class discussions.

OBS: This is a great screen recording software which is one hundred percent free to use. While the tool is a powerful and versatile tool for recording, you will have to use a different tool if you want to both capture video and edit it.

Screencastify: This is a free screen recording tool that is available on chrome to use. This is a lightweight tool allowing you to record videos and have engaging interactions with your students.

Student Engagement Tools and Resources

Keeping students engaged while teaching online can be quite a challenge. Obviously It is different and nothing like keeping them engaged in a physical classroom. Students can easily get distracted and lose interest. But with proper tools and planning, remote teaching can be made more efficient.

Online Student Engagement Information & Insight

Best Free Student Engagement Tools

Whiteboard tools and resources

Whiteboards for online classes are what whiteboards are for physical classrooms. You can write, draw, share documents, and interact with students virtually. With whiteboards you and your students can collaborate during sessions. One big advantage of using whiteboards is that it helps maintain student concentration.

Whiteboard Teaching Information & Insight

Free Whiteboard tools

Survey, Feedback, and Quizzes

Student feedback can be a great way to improve your teaching. It helps you to know the perceptions and opinions of your students, which material works or does not work, and which teaching methods are efficient.

And quizzes can be a fun way to teach students. Research shows that frequent quizzing can help students retain information better in both online and physical classrooms.

Survey and Feedback Resources

Survey, Feedback and Quizzing Tools

Digital Storytelling Tools and Resources

As its name implies Digital Storytelling is basically using softwares and applications to create and tell stories. It entails a combination of images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and music to support and create the storyline.

Storytelling Resources

Storytelling Tools

Annotation Tools and Resources

In general an Annotation tool is a text or drawing tool that helps you highlight and add information to texts, images or any other piece of content. Annotating makes the reading more meaningful and helps students remember key information.

Annotation Resources

Free Annotation Tools

Best EdTech Influencers, Podcasts, and Websites

Educational Technology Influencers

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