One time login, enhanced recording and a lot more!


No more multiple sign-in attempts to start recording

You no longer need to sign in individually on the Vmaker plug-in or application. 

All you have to do is log-in to your Vmaker account on your dashboard and launch Vmaker. 

Vmaker will identify your account details and directly take you into the application for a seamless recording experience. 

Saves you time and makes recording effortless! 

Enhanced recording experience on Vmaker

1. We’ve taken the audio and screen recording quality a notch above. Your videos will look the class apart with improved recording quality. 

2. We’ve improved the video uploading process so that none of your videos are lost or stuck. 

New onboarding process for new users 

To make things easier for new users, we’ve added a new onboarding process. New users can now choose to switch to the premium version of Vmaker during the onboarding process for a quick recording experience. 

Schedule a demo for a details walkthrough 

‘’Schedule a demo’’ button has been added on the dashboard and the onboarding flow so that new users can get to know about Vmaker through a demo call. This allows new users to save time by understanding the product with the help of video assisted walkthrough from our expert product trainers.


Add team members to your workspace without upgrading


Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.

You can now invite team members to your workspace and collaborate with them seamlessly without having to upgrade. Yes, you heard that right!

Here’s what you can do by inviting team members to your workspace

✅ Control privacy settings for all the videos recorded by your team.

✅ Maintain consistent branding on the player page by managing common settings for your team.

✅ Assign multiple roles within your team (owner, admin and member)

And a lot more!

Invite your team members to your workspace and start collaborating on Vmaker!


Now add a virtual background to your webcam bubble


It’s time to make your videos sassy, classy, and jazzy with a virtual background on your webcam bubble. 

The virtual background feature is now available for the Vmaker chrome plug-in

You can choose from a collection of cool background images, or have a transparent background or even use any image from your computer as your background.  

Here’s how you can start using the Virtual background feature

  • Step 1: Launch Vmaker Chrome plug-in and select screen and webcam recording option
  • Step 2: Click on the virtual background icon 
  • Step 3: Select the background of your choice or just remove the background should you wish.
  • Step 4: You can also upload an image from your computer and add it as a background to your webcam bubble. Click on upload, select the image from your PC and click on done. 
  • Step 5: Click on ok and start recording your videos. 

This is the feature to try if you want to crack up laughter with a quirky background in your next video or want to hide your messy room. 


Keep your videos protected with advanced privacy on Vmaker


You can now keep your videos to yourself by just toggling a button. 

To set up advanced privacy for your videos, click on the privacy and security section on your dashboard or set up privacy settings on individual video pages.

Here’s how you can use the advanced privacy and security settings to keep your videos private 

  1. Make your videos private

Now you can protect your videos from being shared with everyone. All your videos can be made private with a click or you could choose to make certain videos private too. 

  1. Disable video downloads 

Now have control over your videos being downloaded by everyone. By enabling “disable download”, you can protect your videos from being downloaded by people you have shared them with. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to setup advanced privacy and security

Step 1: Click on the advanced privacy settings on your dashboard

Step 2: You can disable download for your videos and make your videos private. You can also perform both these actions individually as per your needs. 

You can revert the settings at any point in time to make your videos public again. 
The privacy for videos can also be set up individually on the player page. Here’s how you can set up privacy for videos individually. 

Step 1: Open the video that you want to set privacy and scroll down to click on privacy settings

Step 2: Choose your preferred type of privacy for your video from the available options.


Now, record computer audio with screen and mic


We’ve made improvements to the Vmaker UI so that you can record videos with computer audio in just one click. 

Here’s what you have to do to record computer audio 

  1. Launch Vmaker Chrome Plug-in and select record current tab
  1. Turn on computer audio 
  1. Click on start recording 

Be it your meeting, classroom session, a meeting, or simply a YouTube video, all your videos can now have crystal clear audio!


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