Top 11 SAP Tips and Tricks for SAP Beginners

November 3, 2021


In this video, you will find 11 tips and tricks for SAP Beginners. Click on the time stamp link below for quick access.

This video is for beginners who want to start with SAP, but don’t know how. These tips and tricks for SAP will tell you exactly how you can get used to the interface. There are simple and small operations covered in this video, so you can learn at your own pace

1. how to change the background Color of you SAP GUI (0:08)
2. how to turn of the SAP sounds (0:38)
3. how to display the transaction code in the SAP Menu (0:57)
4. how to work with SAP Favorites (1:26)
5. how to display the current system and SAP t-code (2:58)
6. how to change the date format (3:06)
7. how to jump/toggle between SAP transactions (3:29)
8. how to open another SAP GUI window (4:02)
9. how to toggle between SAP menu and SAP user menu (4:20)
10. how to access your SAP inbox or SAP business workplace (4:38)
11. how to stop a transaction that has stalled (4:58)