QuickBooks Online 2021 Tutorial

November 5, 2021


New to QuickBooks Online? Want to get started with managing your financial accounts in QuickBooks Online? Then watch this QuickBooks tutorial video to learn everything about getting started with QuickBooks Online.

It starts with choosing the right version, creating an account, filling the company information, and then moves to the advanced level about how to make a journal entry to reconciling bank account.

Watch this QuickBooks tutorial to manage your accounts on your own.

Table of Contents with timestamps

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:30 Choose right version and create new account
00:08:52 Add your Company Name, basic info, and/or logo into QuickBooks Online
00:09:57 Basic navigation inside QuickBooks Online
00:12:12 Account and Settings overview
00:15:43 Manage and create QuickBooks users
00:17:57 Setting up your chart of accounts and beginning balances
00:28:22 Setup products and services, including inventory items
00:32:29 Setup new customers and new vendors
00:34:34 Transactions: Purchase Orders and Bills (Accounts Payable)
00:36:43 Transactions: Estimates and Invoices (Accounts Receivable)
00:42:07 +New Transactions button overview
00:43:20 Receive payments against invoices (A/R)
00:44:33 Pay Bills with a bank/check or credit cards (A/P)
00:45:45 Create a manual expense
00:47:26 Make bank transfers
00:48:47 Making a Journal Entry
00:50:17 Basic Profit & Loss Report
00:52:25 Working with Classes and/or Locations
00:56:30 Connect the bank and download transactions (Bank Feeds)
00:58:46 Manually uploading bank transactions into Bank Feeds
01:00:50 Categorize downloaded transactions
01:09:00 Reconcile Bank Account
01:10:16 Tracking Projects – Job Costing and Profitability
01:15:32 Reports overview
01:17:01 Outro