How to Publish a Mobile App – Mobiroller

May 5, 2022


In this tutorial video, you will learn how to publish a mobile application that you have built using Mobiroller.

Video Transcript:

0:00 In this part of our training I’ll talk
0:02 about how to publish your app so let’s
0:05 get started and let’s dive into it so
0:10 what does it mean to publish a mobile
0:13 what is this whole publishing thing so
0:17 guys your app won’t show up in app
0:20 stores by itself you have to publish it
0:24 Publishing is the process that you take
0:27 your app file and submit it to the App
0:29 Store’s of course for Android apps you
0:34 can also send your Android file and you
0:37 can distribute your app that way but
0:39 when it comes to iOS apps you have to
0:42 publish that in the Apple App Store in
0:45 order to distribute your app that’s the
0:48 only way so it’s a good idea to publish
0:52 your app in an app store like mobile app
0:55 store Google Play Store or the Apple App
0:58 Store let’s go step by step and let me
1:07 explain how to do this
1:09 so first up generate your Android app
1:13 from a global control panel and download
1:15 it your iOS app will be created at the
1:18 same time the next step is opening up
1:23 the developer accounts for Google Play
1:25 and Apple App Store we have explained
1:29 these in detail in support moguler calm
1:33 and check it out go step by step and
1:36 open up your developer account once you
1:41 have your developer account then you
1:44 need to submit your app to the respected
1:46 App Store so once you submit your app it
1:50 takes around a day from Google and among
1:53 the people to evaluate your app
1:58 publishing your app in Google Play Store
2:01 is quite simple on the other hand
2:04 publishing your app on Apple Store
2:06 requires you to have a MacBook and using
2:10 Xcode so if this is
2:13 complicated for you modular team can
2:15 help you with that here are some notes
2:24 you’ll need to take screenshots from
2:25 your app once you want to submit your
2:28 app to the App Store’s and you will also
2:30 write the description for your app
2:32 before you submit so we’ll need to
2:35 generate an apk file for our Android app
2:37 and if you want to publish our app in
2:40 mobile over App Store then we can also
2:43 do that so now it’s time to go back to
2:47 module control panel here we are back to
2:57 our control panel and as you can see in
3:00 your dashboard there is a button called
3:03 manager apk previously it was written
3:08 generate your apk here and I already
3:11 generated my apk so let’s click on here
3:18 so what you can do is generate a new
3:21 version of apk so called the Android
3:24 file and you can also download your apk
3:28 file this is simply your Android install
3:35 file guys so then you want to submit
3:38 your app to Google Play Store you’ll
3:40 need to download this and then submit it
3:44 to the Google Play Store if you don’t
3:48 want to publish in Google Play Store but
3:50 still want to distribute your app you
3:52 can download this and send it directly
3:54 to your target audience
4:02 second subject that we want to talk
4:04 about in our control panel is the
4:07 publish tab let’s click on here so this
4:12 section is intended for the mobile apps
4:16 or polishing processes so as you can see
4:19 you’ll need an app description a short
4:22 description you can write the recent
4:25 changes you can make keywords choose a
4:28 category and you can also choose the
4:32 content rating then you’ll need to add
4:35 some screenshots after doing those you
4:40 can click on upload to market and you
4:44 can have your app up and running in the
4:46 Magruder app store for all the detailed
4:54 information about a publishing like
4:57 opening up developer accounts how to
5:00 publish your app and things like that
5:03 you can just click here on the question
5:05 mark here you can go to our support page
5:08 or you can send our support an email and
5:14 you can get the desired help you want we
5:19 have come to the end of the a publishing
5:21 section thank you for watching and
5:24 shortly we’ll move on to our last
5:27 section which is gonna be the app
5:29 promotion see you in the next round