How to Promote Your Mobile Application – Mobiroller

May 5, 2022


In this tutorial video, you will learn how to promote the mobile that you built using Mobiroller.

Video Transcript:

0:03 This section of our training is about
0:06 promoting your app clogging your app
0:08 acquiring new users and so so let’s get
0:13 started and jump into it but wait for a
0:21 second
0:22 what do you mean by promoting once your
0:26 mobile app is created and published
0:28 you’ll need to get some new users right
0:31 so how do you do that when it comes to
0:42 growing your app there are a few topics
0:45 that you need to cover so we have the
0:49 App Store optimization we have the
0:52 advertising we have two referrals and
0:56 tons of other stuff and so App Store
1:06 optimization is the process of
1:08 optimizing things like your app
1:10 description images app I can develop
1:14 your name app name and things like that
1:18 when you do all these your app is
1:21 ranking high in the app stores like the
1:27 Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
1:30 it’s quite similar to SEO in the web
1:40 when it comes red vert izing we mean the
1:45 Google ads or the Facebook ads you can
1:50 direct some traffic to your app if you
1:53 have the budget we’ll go ahead and start
1:56 some stuff some advertisement so the
2:02 next one is referrals and how to
2:06 accomplish that a you can create a
2:09 website for your app so you can direct
2:13 some traffic from your own website be
2:17 collaborate with bloggers or other
2:19 websites so they can send you some
2:22 traffic and you can get app downloads
2:24 and see use social media and influencer
2:29 marketing so the last one is really
2:32 popular and if you want to go viral you
2:35 should definitely be using the
2:36 influencer marketing
2:47 I just want to remind you promoting an
2:51 app acquiring new users retaining them
2:55 these are all different disappea so we
2:59 wanted to give you the basics but of
3:01 course we are planning to create another
3:05 certification program for the F growth
3:07 purposes
3:18 regarding our topic we’ll go ahead and
3:22 check module control panel for sending
3:25 push notifications and adding AdMob
3:28 codes to your head oh wait a second
3:32 maybe I’ll also show you how to add your
3:35 Google Analytics to your app so let’s go
3:41 to our module control panel and let me
3:43 show you a few things in there we are
3:47 back to our control panel and on your
3:50 left you’ll see the promotion tab when
3:54 you go here and when your app is
3:57 published in the mobile app store
3:59 they’re giving you the embed codes so
4:03 you can redirect your visitors to your
4:06 app let’s call it and check the push
4:13 notifications page to send a push
4:17 notification to your app users click on
4:20 send a notification type in your message
4:29 choose a screen to redirect and you can
4:32 send it now or you can schedule it for
4:34 later let’s continue with the
4:41 monetization tab this is the place where
4:45 you can add some interstitial or banner
4:47 ads from Google AdMob simply click on
4:50 here and you can add your ad code you
4:58 can choose some frequency and that’s
5:01 about it
5:07 please visit our support if you don’t
5:10 know how to open up an AdMob account will
5:14 come to the end of our training I hope
5:18 you enjoyed it all now you can go ahead
5:22 and take an examination and if you pass
5:26 you’ll be certified as a mobile app
5:29 builder isn’t that fancy so I hope to
5:36 see you all in our next training.