How to Add Content to Mobile App Builder – Mobiroller

May 5, 2022


This tutorial video will teach about adding content to Mobiroller’s mobile app builder.

Video Transcript:

When you want to build an app, the first step is to add some content. To do that, we have created modules to add content to your app.

We’re going to go ahead and use our modules in our control panel. Think of the modules as pieces of the puzzle, and you put them together. You’re gonna end up with a great content app.

This is gonna be the starting point for creating your app. Here are some top modules for you the website module

  • HTML module
  • RSS module
  • The form module
  • The chat module
  • The product catalog and
  • The sub-menu system

Depending on your mobile app needs, you can add some of these and form a great mobile app. So now, let’s go to our control panel and see how to add each module to your mobile app.

This is the app builders training part one here. We’ll focus on adding content to your mobile apps, so if you’re ready, let’s get started. I have this test app here, so I’ll open it; so since our topic is adding content to your app; on your left, you see here there’s a content tab so let’s click on it and let’s see what’s inside of it. In order to make things easier for you, we created modules for the different types of content that you might want to add using modules.

In the mobile roller control panel, you can build your mobile apps piece-by-piece, so let me walk you through the most important modules in our control panel; we’ll go through the HTML module, we’ll go through the form module, the photo gallery, the chat module, news announcement module, and the submenu system. After finding out about these modules, you can easily add great content to your apps. If you want to add a website to your app, you can do that as it’s very simple; click here; step one is your title; step two, some URL here, then select or deselect T’s and say here it comes your first content.

Now let’s have a look at the custom screen module. Let’s add this for this pretty much like the WordPress editor what kind of things you can do here it’s really up to you. It has a variety of users, so you can add text and combine that with links or images or videos, and you can also add some piece of code like an HTML code. Let’s test this with an HTML code. I simply copy and piece of code here and then click OK, so as you see, it works. Let’s save this so that it’s gonna be added to our app.