Mailchimp Tutorial for Beginners

November 6, 2021


The above video offers a full in-depth MailChimp tutorial for beginners.

What is covered in this Mailchimp tutorial for beginners:

  • How to construct email campaigns
  • Create email lists
  • Landing pages
  • Surveys

When using MailChimp, there are several service tiers offered. The good news is that the first one is absolutely free for the first 2,000 email subscribers and 10k emails.

This platform is quickly becoming much more than just an email marketing manager or email campaign software. The Mailchimp platform is becoming a one stop shop for all things marketing.

From surveys to websites, Mailchimp, is expanding their services and improving their interface to be more user-friendly than ever. This video is a full tutorial to show you what you need to know to get started and quickly become an expert with Mailchimp!

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