Top 10 Google Docs Tips and Tricks For Beginners

November 8, 2021


Top 10 Google Doc Tips and Tricks:

It’s easy to view Google Docs as just an online version of Microsoft Word when in reality it’s so much more!

In this video, you will learn about the top 10 Google Doc Tips for productivity so you can unleash the full potential of this collaboration tool.

Being productive not only means getting work done faster, but it also means making few to no mistakes. This is why Version History is such a powerful feature since it lets you revert back to an earlier “saved” copy of your work. “Set it and forget it” functions like changing the default font and auto-replacing text also play a huge role in speeding up your workflow.

Of course, a key selling point of Google Docs is shareability. Did you know by changing a few words within the URL you could “force” others to preview, make a copy, or download the document directly? Talk about user-friendliness!

Whether you’re a student or working professional, these top 10 Google Doc tips and tricks for productivity will at the very least make the process of using this tool more enjoyable!