How To Use Canva For Begineers

November 4, 2021


How to use Canva video tutorial

The above video is a full Canva Tutorial for beginners explaining all the Canva functionalities, effects, and techniques you can use to create engaging graphics.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free publishing and graphics design tool that you can use to ideate, create and publish graphics and images for social media as well as your website, blog, or any other needs outside of the online world like presentations, posters, flyers and so much more.

Why use Canva?

Basically, with Canva, all your publishing needs are covered and you can design for multiple platforms like Youtube or Instagram with ease. After you watch this video, you’ll be confident in creating any graphics for your business and you’ll know your way around Canva.

What is covered in this above Canva video tutorial?

If you’re looking to learn how to use Canva as a beginner, I got you covered. The above Canva tutorial is the perfect guide to learn Canva as it covers all the latest developments like creating a curved text in Canva, uploading audio to Canva, or using Content Planner in Canva.