How to Write a Good Alt Text – Bramework

March 13, 2022


In this tutorial video, you will learn how to write a good alt text for your blog in Bramework.

Video Transcript

I’m going to show you how to write good alt text for your image. First, let’s start off by selecting your image.

We’re going to go to suggestions and type in strategy to find an image around that topic.

Then I’m going to actually select my image and hit done to add it to the blog post.

So now as you can see from the SEO analyzer it has turned green because we actually have included all text here for you but here are some good tips on how to write really good alt text:

  1. Describe the image as specifically as possible
  2. Keep it relatively short ideally under 125 characters
  3. Use your keywords such as some of the key words that you’ll end up seeing here on the side
  4. Now you also want to avoid keyword stuffing so you don’t want to have a bunch of primary or related keywords that are in your alt text because search engines will not like that
  5. Don’t use images as text meaning if you find an image that actually says drawing on whiteboard you still need to describe in the alt text what is happening in the image.

Okay, so let me show you as an example here so we’re going to enhance and make this all text even better so we’re going to see here from our keywords that we have the primary keyword what is content strategy and some of our related keywords here I’m going to include some of these in my image alt text so when I click on the image here I’m going to make this alt text even more specific and instead of saying two people drawing on a whiteboard I’m going to say man and woman drawing on the whiteboard for content strategy and that is how you can make really good alt text that search engines would really like.